Start the New Year Right with a Corporate Chauffeur

It is a brand new year, which means that you have a full 12 months filled with countless business opportunities for you to take advantage of. Optimizing the potential of these opportunities starts right now, which is why you should start the new year off right by investing in the tools that you need to achieve … >>  Continue reading

4 Things to Consider when Reserving Your Wedding Limo Service in Toronto

You want your wedding plans to be perfect. This means that everything from the decorations at the location of the wedding to your ride to the reception hall matter. For your wedding limo in particular, you need to make sure that you consider multiple factors when making your reservation, including the following:

How a Mercedes Limo will Help You Seal a Business Deal

When you bring a client to meet you, the sales process for sealing a business deal doesn’t begin in the meeting room; it doesn’t even begin in the office lobby. Your client has already started their decision making process from the moment they’re picked up. Because of this, you need to make sure that every … >>  Continue reading