Reserve Your Luxury Limo Now To Get To All The 2015 Pan Am Game Venues

2015 Pan Am Games Venue

The Pan Am Games are coming to Toronto this year, and the entire city is charged with anticipation to host the legendary event. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, you need to will need to order them immediately so you can be part of the action. But with these tickets, reserve a professional chauffeur to get you to and from the 2015 Pan Am Game venues.

What to Expect at the Pan Am Games

The Pan Am Games are the Americas’ version of the Olympics. This year, the Pan Am Games will host some of the most exciting events and athletes on record, including:

  • Sporting events
  • An amazing opening ceremony produced by Cirque du Soleil
  • The Panamania arts and culture program
  • Community tours
  • “The World’s Fittest Couple,” Canadian heptathlete Brianne Theisen-Eaton and American Olympic gold medalist and decathlon world record holder Ashton Eaton
  • Colombian Olympic silver medalist triple jumper Caterine Ibargüen
  • Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games champions, including Canada’s own:
    • Sultana Frizell
    • James Steacy
    • Derek Drouin
    • Damian Warner

All that said, to get the most out of all of the fun events that the 2015 Pan Am Game Venues will have to offer, you will need a professional chauffeur to help guide you to the events and activities.

The 2015 Pan Am Game Venues are not all located in a single place

Although Toronto will be hosting the games officially, the 2015 Pan Am Game Venues are scattered throughout the Greater Toronto area, from Minden Hills to Niagara Falls. To make sure that you don’t miss a thing, you need reliable transportation. Public transportation and taxi’s will be limited and overcrowded, and do not actually travel to many event locations. Your professional chauffeur however will take you to every location with ease, so that you don’t miss any of the excitement.

Your entire group can stay together

If you plan on enjoying the excitement of the 2015 Pan Am Games with a group of friends and family, you should all be able to stick together. With the distance between many event venues, it’s important you find a way to commute together. When you hire a limo however, seating will not be an issue, as many limo models are able to comfortably transport over a dozen people.

Your ride becomes a part of the experience

Getting to and from the 2015 Pan am Game venues should be just as much of the experience as the events themselves. By booking a limo or personal chauffeur for the events, you can keep your party together and stress free. Additionally limousines are some of the safest vehicles on the road today. Canada has some of the strictest safety laws on limo companies in the world, all for your benefit. When you hire the services of a professional limo company, you will be given the true luxury of safety. When you’re in a limo, you are being driven by a professional driver who puts your safety first.
If you’re attending the 2015 Pan Am Games, you should be reserving your professional chauffeur immediately. Don’t miss your favorite sporting event because congestion got in the way, contact Yorkville Toronto Limo to reserve your luxury limo to take you to all 2015 Pan Am Game venues.