3 Times a Limo Van is the Best Choice For Group Travel

Whether you are going on a trip for business or a fun vacation, you need to plan travel out. This way, you ensure that your trip goes smoothly. A group trip means that you have to make these plans for several other people in addition to yourself. For this, one of the most critical factors that you must consider is the type of vehicle that you will choose for your group to be transported around in. In many cases, a limo van will be the best choice for group travel. Here are three times when using a limo van is the best option for your group:

  1. You Aren’t Traveling Very Far

A limo van is designed to maximize the efficiency of your group travel. Every inch of the space in the vehicle is designed with a purpose. This contrasts with other limo vehicles such as limo SUVs, which use some of the space inside to make the vehicle more suitable for long distance travel, rather than for storage or sitting room.

  1. You Want to Keep People and Baggage Together

When you split your group up without a good reason, your trip can become more chaotic. To avoid this, you must consider both how many people are going and the amount of luggage you will be bringing.

When You Have a Large Group of People

This is one of the biggest reasons that a limo van could end up being the perfect vehicle for your group trip. If your group simply doesn’t fit into another type of limo vehicle, then you will have to seek out alternative options. A limo van, which accommodates more than twice as many passengers as the largest SUV limo, is a perfect solution for large groups. As such, a single limo van is the best option for your group.

While there are some stretch limo options that can fit as many or even more passengers than a limo van, they also come with a premium style that is great for showcasing executive status, you may not need this.

When You Have Extra Luggage

A few large bags for an extended trip will take up more space in a vehicle than two or three people. This could mean that a standard limo sedan or SUV may be able to fit your entire group, it might not be able to fit all of your luggage. You don’t want to rent an extra vehicle to deliver your luggage, or end up losing it during transport. Even stretch SUVs, which can sometimes accommodate as many people as a limo van, is unlikely to fit an especially large volume of luggage. A full-sized passenger van, on the other hand, can accommodate up to 10 large suitcases.

  1. One or MoreĀ PeopleĀ Have Special Transit Needs

Even if you only have four people in your group — which normally works fine for most vehicles — you may need a riding space that suits double the amount of people. For example, some people in your group may have special needs that require them to individually utilize a space that would normally accommodate 2-3 people. In this case, a limo van is a better option than a limo sedan or limo SUV.

What Does Your Group Trip Need?

Prepare for your group trip beforehand by choosing the right way to travel. Contact Yorkville Limo for more tips about choosing the best ride for your trip.