4 Famous Over the Top Limos

Sometime limousine companies and designers go too far, and create over the top limos that are more so for show than they are actually moving people around! Though inefficient, over the top limos sure do draw a lot of attention! While here at Yorkville Toronto Limo, we keep our fleet packed with luxury, high end vehicles, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few favourite over the top models from around the globe.

Mini Cooper Limos

Mini Coopers aren’t known to be spacious vehicles, so when an England resident decided to modify theirs into a limo, it definitely turned some heads. This Mini Cooper S was given a £65,000 makeover, with a newly extended body that reaches 27 feet long, and now includes a disco ball, champagne fridge, TVs and neon lights. However, for being as long as it is, the limo only comfortably seats six passengers.

Pink Hummer Limousines

Hummer limousines are very common (here at Yorkville Toronto Limo we even have some of our own), but something about a pink Hummer limousine is simply over the top! Maybe it’s because Hummers were based off of the military Humvee vehicle, or maybe it’s simply because of the square, boxy design of a Hummer, but the colour pink is simply not a fitting match. Pink Hummer limos do fare well at Proms and other parties however, so their over the top design definitely suits some customers.

Dual-sided Escalade Limos

What may be considered the strangest of the list, is the dual-nosed Escalade limo. This limo turns heads as instead of a traditional looking vehicle, this limo is comprised of the front of two Escalades merged into one- think of the same style as a train with two engine trains. Only one of the two engine areas works however, and the other has been renovated to seat more passengers in the rear of the vehicle.

Harley Davidson Limos

You read that right – the king of the motorcycle market once created a highly unusual motorcycle bike. Blending motorcycle and limousine, the LimoBike as it was named fit 8 passengers in the back while being driven around by a more traditional looking motorcycle in the front. Highly uncommon, there were only a few of these over the top limos built, and very few if any are still in regular rotation as a working limousine.

Here at Yorkville Toronto Limo, our fleet doesn’t have any over the top limo designs. Instead, we focus on maintaining some of the best vehicles on the market. Learn more about our fleet and reserve your limo today!