4 Top Wedding Limo Packages


Is there a wedding announcement in your future? Perhaps you’ve already saved-the-date for when you say “I Do. Whether your wedding palate leans toward understated or extravagant, complement your plans for that special day with an experience that makes you feel cherished. So, what are your options? Customize one-of-a-kind moments with a wedding limo package that turns a sometimes hectic and harried day into a relaxing and fun-filled keepsake.

Your Preferences Are?

Are you a gold enthusiast? Maybe your taste runs more towards platinum? With Yorkville Limousines, your personal wish list will help you pick the precious metal plan for you. Here are some details on what the top wedding limo package choices can provide for your special time in the spotlight:

Choice #1 Going Platinum- Treat yourself, friends and family to an atmosphere that breeds excitement and leisure with the Platinum Package. Do you long to sit in the lap of luxury while you go through the time-consuming preparation on the day of? With a chauffeured limousine escorting you to your salon appointments, a luxurious Mercedes or Porsche to bring the bride and groom to photo sessions and a wedding party who will thrill at the limousines quality accommodation as well, there’s no time like the present to bask in the VIP treatment you will receive when you indulge in “platinum.”

Choice #2 The Golden Standard- Enjoy monopolizing your uniformed chauffeur’s time with the 12 hours of premium care provided in this quality wedding limo package option. Crystal glasses, liquid gold refreshments and the red carpet combine to create your perfect escort to take you from an unforgettable lifetime event! Feel all the glam and glitz of a Hollywood elite when you sink into the plush promises found in the Gold Package.

Choice #3 Silver-lined- Do your needs for blissful attention have limits? In the Silver Package, Yorkville Limousine appreciate brides on a schedule. With eight hours of undivided attention from your attentive driver and toasts provided to celebrate clouds lined with silver, you can get just enough without paying too much for your moment in the sun!

Choice #4 Bronze Bouillon- If you find the delicate touch of simple elegance a fitting accompaniment to your already full schedule, try the Bronze Package. Four hours of enough luxurious fawning flavors to tempt and satisfy your senses, champagne and five-star opulent service will bring just the right amount of lavishness to your treasured event.

Discovering the Perfect Dressing-Fit

What wedding limo package suits your needs best? If you are striving for the perfect addition to moments you’ll want to capture for all time, Yorkville Limousine can bring you a plethora of elite transportation experience choices. Are you envisioning a wedding that surpasses your dreams? Every special event could be that much more memorable with a restrained brush of the refined. And Yorkville Limousine helps provide the finishing touches to your personal portrait of the ideal wedding. Trust the professionals with your special day and you will get a package that pays dividends in precious memories! Schedule your dollop of decadence today!

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