5 Unique Qualities of a Cadillac XTS Limousine

Cadillac XTS Limousine

If the Lincoln Town Car is too traditional and the Cadillac Escalade SUV too flashy, you don’t have to settle for a limousine that doesn’t quite fit you or your style. The Cadillac XTS is one of the most popular limo choices for business travelers and these 5 unique qualities can tell you why. 

Rear Temperature Controls

No longer at the mercy of the driver, the Cadillac XTS has Tri-Zone climate control so you can be as cozy as you are comfortable. The rear climate control system can be adjusted from the backseat and ensures that both front and back reach and keep their desired temperature. Keep warm or cool during your trip in the Cadillac XTS limousine.

Safe Design

The saying goes that safety is first and the Cadillac XTS limousine offers additional safety features that aids your professional limousine driver in avoiding accidents. The safety alert seats vibrate to notify the driver of danger from the right, left, or front of the car. The Driver Awareness feature uses radar technology and a four-camera system to help maneuver tight spaces and identify hazards on the road. The Cadillac XTS limousine offers unparalleled safety features for a comfortable and safe trip.

Onboard Wi-Fi

If you need to make the most of your time in a luxury limousine, you need Internet connectivity. Thankfully, the Cadillac XTS limousine offers onboard Wi-Fi through OnStar 4G to help you stay plugged into your work. Don’t miss a minute of work during your limousine experience by using this perk.

Smooth Ride

Nothing is more important to a successful limousine ride than having a smooth ride. Uncomfortable seats and choppy handling can quickly ruin a perfect day. The Cadillac XTS Limousine uses Cadillac’s Magnetic Ride Control to offer passengers responsive braking and smooth handling on even the rockiest of streets. Whether you plan to work through your ride or nap through it, the Cadillac XTS will feel like its riding on a cloud, no matter the terrain.

Additional Storage

If you’re going on a long business trip or vacation, you don’t want to have to limit your luggage based on your transportation. The Cadillac XTS Limousine can discretely hide luggage in its spacious trunk or hidden storage bin. Stretch your legs and don’t worry about your suit because the Cadillac XTS has room for all your luggage.

Engaging Amenities

The Cadillac XTS offers more than just a plush and comfortable backseat, it also offers entertainment. From Bose speakers to an entertainment system to a sun roof, there’s something for everyone riding in a Cadillac XTS. If you want some entertainment on your luxury limousine ride, the Cadillac XTS has it in spades.

Flashy but understated, the Cadillac XTS limousine is a first-class car whether you’re heading to a business meeting or going on vacation. With superior backseat comfort and added safety features, you can relax during your limousine trip. To book your Cadillac XTS limousine, contact us at Yorkville Toronto Limo today!