6 Things to Request From Your Toronto Wedding Limo

Toronto Wedding Limo

When you decide on a Yorkville Toronto Limo for your wedding, it’s important to us that we provide you with the best customer service possible. This means that you should be able to personalize your Toronto wedding limo service, and have it match the style and feel of your big day. Don’t feel like you can’t request personal demands from your limo driver, instead we encourage it! Consider the following 6 things and whether or not they will make your list of Toronto wedding limo requests.

Music Player

Though every limo we have in our fleet has a music player, it may not match up with the device of your choosing. If you know you’ll want to listen to your own music in the limo, request that your driver have an auxiliary cable or iPhone attachment in the vehicle.

Beverage Specifications

Our wedding packages include a bottle of chilled champagne, but if you have certain specifications for which types of drinks you would like to see in your limo then simply let us know. If you don’t drink alcohol and would like to see this substituted with something else instead, we’ll be happy to do so.

Stop Requests

If you know ahead of time that there will be certain stops or detours that your driver will need to take, make sure to mention these as soon as possible. This will allow your driver to be aware of road conditions in this area, and find the quickest way to get to this location.

Pickups and Drop Offs

When you hire a Yorkville Toronto wedding limo you have the limo and driver for a set amount of time, and what you request them to do is entirely up to you. If the bride would like to be dropped off in one place, and the groom retrieved after or later on, discuss this with your driver. That way you can make the most of your time, and get started on things independently.

Chauffeur Outfits

If your wedding is being matched to a particular look or feel, requesting that the driver wears something that matches is completely understandable. Be it colours or patterns of fabric, if we need to match the look of the rest of the wedding, let us know with ample time.


Some limo companies don’t allow you to decorate their Toronto wedding limo to match the look of your big day, but not with Yorkville Toronto Limo! If there are specific decorations you would like to see in or out of the vehicle, let us know! This could be a just married sign or a car full of balloons, we’re always excited to see what couples think of next.

If you haven’t already booked your Toronto wedding limo, then it’s time to get in touch with Yorkville Toronto Limo. Contact us today to reserve your wedding package and to get the best service on your big day.