7 Things You Can Expect In Your Stretch Limo Service

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The stretch limo service industry has changed since the Eighties, when there were no regional brands to rival or an ever-growing standard of luxury. However, nowadays limo services take a lot more pride in their fleets, visiting conventions and proprietors in search of ways to enhance they’re offer. So, what can you expect from your stretch limo service?

Your Wheels, Your Way

When Audi unveiled its R8 V10 limo in 2012, speed was still nothing more than a dream to the limousine market. By stretching expectations and capabilities, the marketplace shifted to include a range of cars with V10 power plants and torque impressive enough to burn rubber. Today, luxury brands like Ferrari and Mercedes have joined the market, effectively ending an era that belonged only to Cadillac and Lincoln. This doesn’t mean you have to stay away from vintage automobiles though. Vintage Rolls Royces can be rented as easily as mile-long Hummers.

Pricing That Isn’t A Stretch

Limos are no longer solely the territory of The Forbes Billionaires List. Prices for standard two door models are often as affordable as an ordinary car rental. Austerity is within your reach.


Legroom is a premium in the automotive world, and one that a stretch limo service offers in bucket loads. With spaciousness comes amenities that add not only to your work life, but your leisure hours, too. Expect custom built interiors with wet bars, television sets, and enough room to seat 14 or more passengers.


If you’re entertaining important visitors, security is your first concern. Black car services offer enough privacy to keep recognisable guests away from curious eyes. Blacked out windows, remote tracking, and careful monitoring will ensure that politicians and celebrities enjoy their trip safely.

Service First

The most important luxury offered by your stretch limo service is the driver. The chauffeur sets the tone for your trip and makes sure you arrive on time, every time. Limo drivers are trained to treat their job as an art. They accommodate every need without overwhelming their passengers. Ever the consummate professionals, their communication skills are as impressive as their driving talents. They ease away their passengers’ stress and will even suggest destinations and events for indecisive travelers. Add a concierge service and efficiency is taken to a level you’ve never seen before.

The Corporate Traveller

Business travellers have unique needs. Wi-Fi and outstanding timing become more important on a business trip than they are on your wedding day or vacation. Stretch limos make excellent mobile offices in between meetings. Lunch and full service bars keep your appetite in check when you’re too busy to stop for a meal. Your driver will pick up the files you left at your hotel while you’re entertaining your clients. You can prepare for your presentations on the go because all the devices you need are provided by your limo.

Booking With Ease  

Great service isn’t limited to your driver. You need efficiency and service excellence before you even book your vehicle. Service representatives should be able to precisely suggest the limo that suits your dreams and requirements, and booking should happen without any handwringing. That’s the luxury you pay for when you choose to travel this way.

Stretch limos deliver as much efficiency as they do luxury, making them a practical way to make sure your journey is snag-free. To add a new level of extravagance to your trip, contact us today!