Be The First To Enjoy a Chauffeured Service In The Newest Tesla Model S Toronto Offers

Tesla Model S Toronto

One of the best ways to be chauffeured is to be in the newest Tesla Model S Toronto has to offer. This new luxurious vehicle has a variety of impressive benefits that will make you want to be one of the first people chauffeured in it. Not only is this new car rare in Toronto for a limo company, but for ownership entirely. A chauffeured ride in a Tesla Model S will change the way you feel about electric cars, and alter your views of luxury.

Environmentally Friendly

Even though you will not be the person driving this car, the effect that the engine will have on the environment is an ever present concern to many. One of the biggest contributors to climate change is cars, but in the Tesla Model S in Toronto you will not be part of that concern. This model is fully electric, meaning that not only does it not emit carbon dioxide but it can run on renewable energy. The luxury of this car goes beyond its visual appeal, as you can feel good about being inside it.

Futuristic Amenities

When you are being chauffeured in a Tesla Model S in Toronto, you will realize how many of the advanced amenities that were thought of as impossible now exist. With a silent engine, touch screen interface, HD backup camera, and preprogrammed Google Maps, you will feel like you’re being driven in a true piece of luxury.

Storage Space

If you open the hood of the Tesla Model S, you’ll notice that it’s empty and waiting for your luggage. Surprisingly if you open the trunk, you’ll notice the same thing. Due to the car’s electric engine, it can fit within the body of the vehicle itself. This leaves you with double the amount of storage space that similar vehicles have, without taking up space in the seating area.

Keep the Attention on You.

The Tesla Model S is one of the most appealing vehicles on the market, both visually and because of its fantastic environmental impact. Onlookers will notice the car and in turn notice you, with your dedication to renewable energy and luxury. The Tesla Model S in Toronto is also a rare vehicle, few people or limo companies are able to take pride in its ownership. When you’re the first to be chauffeured in this vehicle, you will also be one of the first people lucky enough to be in the Model S.

Instead of searching the city to find an environmentally friendly luxury vehicle, reserve the newest Tesla Model S Toronto has. Yorkville Toronto Limo is proud to provide our clients with this new luxury model, and give you a chauffeured experience you’ll never forget. Contact Yorkville Toronto Limo and reserve your spot today!