Benefits of Using an SUV Limo Service

While some people may avoid limo companies and opt for cheaper ride-sharing or other similar transportation, there is no parallel to the convenience and attention to passenger needs offered by professional limo services. SUV limo service is not only a luxury, but a necessity for many business travelers and others who demand a safe yet comfortable ride to their destination.

Here are five benefits of using an SUV limo service:

  1. Larger seating capacity

While many ride-sharing options can fit a limited number of passengers, SUV limousines offer a much larger seating capacity and can accommodate five to six passengers. A bigger seating capacity makes sure your traveling group stays together and that there are no passengers left behind. In addition to SUV limousines, there are other choices within the limo fleet like stretch limousines to fit even more passengers.

  1. Reliable airport transportation for business

When it comes to traveling by plane, especially internationally, every minute counts. Airlines like Air Canada recommend passengers going to most international destinations arrive at the airport two hours to check in before their flight is scheduled to depart. The recommended time is three hours before the flight’s scheduled arrival time for travelers traveling to the U.S. from Toronto Pearson International Airport before 10 a.m. With these recommended arrival times, getting late to the airport because of a wrong turn or missed pick-up can spell disaster for crucial business deals or meetings.

To ensure business travelers are on time, your SUV limo service driver can accommodate your needs to get you to your destination.

  1. More storage for luggage

Not only does an SUV limo service provide a larger seating capacity, it also allows for greater storage for luggage and other belongings. A vehicle filled with luggage can often feel cramped and make the ride feel uncomfortable. This is not the case for SUV limos that are prepared to handle more luggage.

Take the guesswork out of whether a vehicle can store a certain amount of items by requesting an SUV limo that can hold up to six large suitcases — plenty for room for storage while still carrying the maximum number of six passengers.

  1. Enhanced sense of professionalism

Quality limo services train their chauffeurs to be attentive to the needs of their passengers through on-time arrival and courteous and customized service. Business travelers will not get the same level of professionalism from other transportation services, making an SUV limo service ideal for passengers requiring corporate limos.

Limo services also offer corporate limo accounts that provide all the services described here at a competitive and cost-efficient price. The ease of knowing their transportation can be arranged just a call away is one less hassle for professionals. A corporate limo account will have billing and expense documentation ready for accounting purposes so there is no back and forth between companies to receive accurate financial records.

  1. Increased safety

Safety is an utmost priority for limo services. Passengers can depend on professional chauffeurs who are experts at their routes and road safety and can rest assured they will arrive to their destination without incident.

To make sure your ride is safe, professional and comfortable, consider hiring an SUV limo service like Yorkville Limousine. We offer luxury transportation services to airports, conferences and more within the Toronto area.

View our fleet of SUVs to choose the right mode of transportation and seating and luggage capacity for your business needs. Contact Yorkville Limousine today!