Cadillac vs Lincoln: Differences in Stretch Limo in Toronto Options

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For decades the Lincoln Motor Corporation has dominated the stretch limo market, and for good reason. Their stretch limos have always been stylish, feature packed and reliable. However, Cadillac’s newest line of stretch limos has recently taken a great deal of Lincoln’s market share; since then the two vehicle manufacturers have been going head to head in the stretch limo department. But which is really the better stretch limo Toronto limo companies offer? We’re going to help you decide by comparing the differences between the two.

Cadillac vs. Lincoln: Seating and Luggage Capacities

This is the one area where Cadillac and Lincoln are locked in a virtual tie. Each limo has seating for up to 10 people, and the ability to store triple the luggage of a normal vehicle. Both limousine brands do an outstanding job of providing plenty of space for all of your passengers and luggage. This however, is where the similarities between the two vehicles end.

Cadillac vs. Lincoln: Interior Amenities

Although the exterior of a stretch limo provides you with the style and presence factor, it is the interior that provides you with the luxury experience. To that end, Lincoln lives up to its reputation, doing a great job. It provides a comprehensive luxury limo experience, complete with extremely comfortable seating and a steady table to place drinks for everyone during your ride.

Depending on the build, a Cadillac stretch limo in Toronto can make you feel as though you’re already in a nightclub, luxury hotel room or ballroom. If you spend enough time in one of these vehicles, you’re likely to forget that you’re in a car at all. This is because it emulates virtually every feature that these spaces have. Dazzling lighting arrays, a full-sized, multi-level bar, sleek heated seating and a beautiful view of the city that rivals that of a balcony are just a few examples of the interior features that a Cadillac stretch limo includes.

Cadillac vs. Lincoln: Technology

A Lincoln stretch limo in Toronto comes with all of the modern technology that you have come to expect in a luxury limo; this includes items like fiber optic lights, a refrigerated wet bar, and a mirrored ceiling.

Cadillac stretch limos include every piece of modern luxury vehicle technology that you would expect, and a few additions, For example, these limos come with power outlets to you can charge your devices while on the road, and iPod auxiliary connections.

Cadillac vs. Lincoln: Style and Reputation

The Lincoln Motor Corporation is well known for being the classic manufacturer for stretch limousines. This is reflected in a vehicle design that has changed very little over the years. As far as reputation goes, the Lincoln model has a history of success.

The Cadillac stretch limo has earned the prestige of being in the upper echelon of stretch limousine style. Its crisp edges, sleek trim and LED lighting highlights are sure to turn heads wherever the Cadillac stretch goes. If you want to make a statement, then the Cadillac is the stretch sedan that you want to go with.

Which Is Best For You?

Now that you better know the differences between the Cadillac and Lincoln stretch limos you can better decide which is the best stretch limo Toronto has for your luxury experience. Regardless of which you choose, contact Yorkville Toronto Limousine to book yours.