Don’t End Up In a Taxi to Billy Bishop Airport, Use Yorkville Toronto Limo Instead!

Billy Bishop Airport is quickly becoming Toronto’s main airport for business travel, but its location can be difficult to get to. Instead of getting a taxi to Billy Bishop Airport, hire the professional chauffeur services of Yorkville Toronto Limo instead. Taxis have a wide list of problems that limousines do not, and it is important to be aware of them before assuming it is an easier choice.

Issues with a Taxi to Billy Bishop Airport.

1. Hailing a Taxi

Getting the attention of a taxi can be difficult, especially on the busy city streets of Toronto. But, the city is also so busy that calling a company and ordering one can take up to 30 minutes. Getting to the airport is an event where you cannot be late, so waiting for a taxi is simply not an option for many people.

  1. Lack of ProfessionalismMany taxi companies have few qualifications for drivers outside of a valid license and taxi insurance. Most drivers are not questioned on their customer service skills, which is extremely important when sharing a tight space with another person. When you’re tired or stressed, you want a driver that makes you feel at ease and not uncomfortable.
  2. PriceTaxi trips have no set price unless you request one, and these requests are usually inflated to ensure you don’t go over what the cost would have been on the meter. Traffic changes, and so do construction areas, and these factors add in to the cost of an already undetermined price. Whether you’re moving or not, the meter keeps increasing even if you’re not getting closer to the airport.4. They Reflect Poorly on You

    Ultimately, a taxi ride can make you look unprofessional. To demand the authority you and your business desire, you must be prepared and organized. Stepping out of a taxi makes you look like you’re travelling concerns weren’t important, or forgotten about until the last minute. This reflects poorly on you, and potential clients will be aware of this.

    Hire a Yorkville Toronto Limo instead.

    Compared to all the concerns with a taxi to the Billy Bishop Airport, a Yorkville Toronto Limo is the easy choice for a safe and relaxing commute. Our limousine drivers are professionally trained by experts, and are tested on their customer service abilities. Your professional chauffeur is also dedicated to your schedule, so they will be on time and not leave you waiting. Every Yorkville Toronto Limo is thoroughly detailed inside and out before you use it, so your concerns of getting you or your luggage dirty on the commute is not an issue. Best of all, there is no guess work for the cost of your trip. We won’t charge you extra because the car sat idling in traffic, or because the trip was rerouted. The entire experience is less stressful and more enjoyable than a taxi.

In addition to getting rid of all of the problems associated with riding a taxi to Billy Bishop Airport, a Yorkville Toronto Limo ride offers you additional benefits. The luxury of a relaxing atmosphere is included in all limousine rides, as well as additional safety features in all models. Nothing feels better though than knowing your executive status is well preserved, as your vehicle gains attention from onlookers and makes you look good. Don’t wait to reserve your limousine to Billy Bishop Airport, contact us today! We make sure that getting to and from Toronto’s business airport is simple.