Eco Friendly Options for Toronto Car Service

Toronto Car Service

Being eco-conscious isn’t a trend anymore, it’s an important addition to our lifestyle that as a society we’re all adopting at same rate. That’s why here at Yorkville Toronto Limo we know the importance of having eco-friendly Toronto car service options. It’s not enough simply to think about how we can make the world a better place, we implement it every day with our earth conscious limousine choices. When you want a limousine that is not only good for your reputation but also for the planet, consider the following options:

Porsche Panamera Hybrid

It’s not every day that a luxury vehicle company comes out with a hybrid vehicle, which is part of what makes the Porsche Panamera Hybrid such a special car. This Toronto car service option rewrites the stereotypes of what a hybrid entails – this isn’t the low-power, silent hybrid you may be picturing. This hybrid maintains all the luxury of the Porsche brand, and utilizes less fuel with a consistent battery charge. The Panamera also uses up to 50% less gas than its non-hybrid counterparts even when being driven. This vehicle sits up to three passengers and can hold two bags of luggage, so it’s the perfect choice for getting to and from the airport for a business trip, or around town for meetings.

Tesla Model S

Tesla vehicles are well known to be the best in luxury electric vehicles, so this hybrid option is the perfect choice for eco-friendly car service. This fully electric vehicle will get you to where you need to be, and doesn’t run on gasoline, keeping the air clean. There is little that hasn’t been said of the benefits of a Tesla vehicle, so we think it’s the perfect electric vehicle option.

Larger Options

If you’re moving around a large group of people, hiring a larger vehicle is actually a fantastic way to make an eco-friendly choice. Instead of having three or four limousines hired to move people around, utilize a coach bus or stretch SUV to have fewer vehicles on the road. Though not an obviously eco-friendly choice, sometimes choosing the largest vehicle for carpool options is a great idea.

When you want eco-friendly Toronto Car Service, Yorkville Toronto Limo has the vehicle choices you need. For more information and to book your limo, contact us today!