Ensure Luxury For All In A Limo Bus In Toronto


Experience Toronto’s festive side in the lap of luxury with a limo bus that sets new standards in comfort. With a seating capacity of 32, you’ll be able to gather a sizable crowd, and with us in the chauffeur’s seat, you’ll receive the kind of service excellence that’s usually limited to the rich and famous.

Like Hummer limos, this executive coach packs frills upon frills. Everything from effects lighting to comfy duo-tone seating are provided. Large screen televisions and the thumping bass of a superb sound system will ensure that every guest experiences the party of a lifetime. Why go to a club when you can take on the city in your own moving venue?

Host Your Party Inside A Limo Bus Toronto

If you’re thinking of hosting your event inside a limo, limo bus Toronto lends itself well to celebrations. When you have your own driver, the city belongs to you. You can visit all the best destinations on a gastronomic journey by stopping at local restaurants or swing past Niagara Falls for a show and a hand of poker. Limo buses are great at entertainment because you get to control your itinerary. Stay in your limo all evening and enjoy the night-scapes on the move or plan a series of destinations as a part of your entertainment. The ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of your event are entirely up to you. Leave the extravagance to us because that’s what we do best.

Social Seating

The seating on your executive coach is arranged to encourage sociability. A raised roof allows every guest to stand comfortably all our limousine amenities will be sure to make you feel spoiled. You’ll also receive a fully stocked neon-let wet bar, ice and champagne. Parties are best prepped for with the help of a full-service bar and concierge service to take care of all practicalities while you celebrate.


Your privacy is assured, too. Windows are covered and a privacy screen is provided to improve your security and discretion. If you’ve traveled from another city or you’re planning to overnight, the coach has enough space for 15 items of luggage.

Customized Luxury

When you choose our customized limo bus, Toronto becomes your party venue. The opportunities for festivities are endless, and we’ve designed our limo bus packages to offer a suitably extravagant ambiance. Door-to-door service is, of course, a necessity. Your chauffeur is trained specifically to keep you comfortable, suggest destinations/ideas for your trip and be discrete enough to serve those who require top notch security. A limo bus is ideal for those who prefer something subtler than a stretch Hummer, but need the same level of spaciousness and amenities.

Corporate Trips

If you’re travelling via limo bus, Toronto-based corporate trips will take on new meaning. No employee complains about team building events if they happen inside an executive coach, after all. Entertaining your business contacts will also provide that “wow” factor if you spoil them with the luxury of a limo bus. Also included are business amenities inside the coach. This way your devices are kept charged and your meetings are prepared for on the move. Multimedia displays let you work from your coach if need be, and temperature controls keep you protected from Toronto climate.

Executive coaches turn your entire mobile tour into a destination itself, complete with moving scenery. If you’re looking to book a limo bus Toronto, contact us today!