Get To Your Niagara Wine Tasting in a Mercedes S-Class Limo

Mercedes S-Class Limo

Niagara wine tasting and tours are a staple of Canadian culture. They give you an opportunity to explore some of Ontario’s beautiful wineries, while also tasting great samples of the wine that these places produce. That being said, planning out your trip to a Niagara wine tasting will require you to do more than reserve a spot on your desired date. You will need to also figure out how you are going to get there. This is a special event that deserves a special ride. To that end, riding in a Mercedes S-Class limo is the perfect way for you to get to and from your Niagara wine tasting.

You Can Comfortable Bring Your Purchases Back With You

At some point during a wine tasting, you will be offered an opportunity to purchase some of your favorite items. This means that you may end up leaving the wine tasting more encumbered than you did when you arrived. If you decide to make a purchase at the wine tasting, then you will have to figure out where you are going to put your items. With enough room for up to three large suitcases, a professionally driven Mercedes S-Class Limo is guaranteed to have enough room for any wine, cheese or souvenirs that you buy.

A Mercedes S-Class limo also comes with a courteous, professional chauffeur who will gladly do all of the heavy lifting for you. This means that you can purchase that large case of wine worry-free. All you need to do is get in the vehicle and relax.

Your Ride To and From the Tasting Become Part of the Event

Any time you go to a Niagara wine tasting, you are going to have a fun time. The fun shouldn’t end as soon as you leave the winery’s premises. Riding to and from the wine tasting in a Mercedes S-Class limo ensures that your fun begins while you’re headed to the winery, and that the fun continues on the way back home. This is because you’ll get a luxury environment, and your chauffeur will be focusing on the road for you.

You Will Turn Heads When You Arrive  

Arriving to your Niagara wine tasting in an S-Class limo is sure to turn the heads of the winery’s workers, as well as the other patrons. When you are seen stepping out of that Mercedes limo, you will be a highlight of the event. This is also a great conversation piece to make every moment of the experience even more fun.

You Won’t Have To Worry About Drinking and Driving

You are going to a  wine tasting to enjoy wine, which means there is a good chance your blood alcohol content could exceed the legal limit by the end of the tour. This means that is will quickly become unsafe and illegal to drive yourself around. If you drive yourself, then one person in your group is going to have to resist drinking in order to make sure that they are sober enough to drive a car. Hiring a Mercedes S-Class limo to get you to and from your wine tasting removes this worry, because your chauffeur will be the one doing all of the driving. Everyone with you can enjoy as much wine as they like.

Are You Fully Prepared?

Wine tastings are more fun when you are fully prepared. Make your trip to your Niagara wine tasting a perfect day by riding there in a Mercedes S-Class limo. This will enhance every moment of the event by making your day much easier and more enjoyable. To reserve yours, contact us at Yorkville Toronto Limo today!