Giving Your Corporate Limousine Driver an Itinerary Can Make Your Day

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Want to make your next outing with a corporate limousine as time and cost efficient as possible? Want to make the absolute most of your time, and take the greatest benefits possible away from your day? Then you should consider putting together a thorough itinerary for your driver.


Time is money. By putting an itinerary in the hands of your corporate limousine driver, you can make sure your route covers the most grounds in the least amount of time. Whether you’re using that to minimize expenses or maximize your gains, it’s still making each dollar spent on your trip more efficient. Do you really want to waste money taking the long way around or sitting in traffic because your driver wasn’t able to plan appropriately for the outing? Probably not.


When you use a good itinerary to plan your travel with a limousine, you don’t have to deal with the stress and headaches of an unplanned trip. Your driver can take the time to get familiar with each destination, check route conditions, and figure out the best way to get you from point A, B and C without wasted time. Whether you’re out for business, pleasure or a little of both, you’ll find it far more comfortable to travel secure with the knowledge that your driver knows your plan.

Tips for a thorough itinerary

For an itinerary to help, it needs to be thorough; if you’re constantly making adjustments or leave too much vagueness in, your driver won’t be able to build a good route plan from it. Here are a few tips to making your itinerary work for both of you:

  • Do your homework. Researching routes, locations, and scheduling concerns in advance will ensure a useful, effective itinerary. If your itinerary falls apart because you failed to consider holiday timing or traffic due to special events, it won’t be useful for your driver.
  • Be realistic. Don’t try to cram too much into your itinerary; you may be saving time by putting together superior routes, but there’s still only so much time in a given day. You’ll be in for a bad time if you establish unattainable goals and try to force your driver to make a miracle happen.
  • Consider door to door time. While you can avoid the time sink of parking when you’re using the services of a corporate limousine, you should still consider the walk to your destination from wherever you’re dropped off and where you’ll be picked up. If you need to wait for lines, security checks, scheduled meetings, or anything else, account for those as well.
  • Leave some leeway. A little leeway goes a long way towards making your trip comfortable and consistent with your expectations. Build in a decent amount of flex time for your schedule, and unexpected delays won’t upset the entire thing.

Remember, your driver wants your trip to be uneventful, pleasant, and effective as much as you do. Work to make his or her job easier, and your day will go even smoother.

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