Hire a Sedan or a Luxury SUV Toronto?

Sedans have traditionally been the type of limo that people hired for traveling to fun events, or when they want to go to the airport in style. While this is a great option, when hiring a luxury SUV Toronto is an even greater place. Many people have as much fun in a luxury SUV Toronto than in any other kind of limo.

Gas Isn’t an Issue

One reason why people have traditionally tended to prefer sedan limos is because of an aversion to SUVs. When you rent a luxury SUV Toronto because of the “gas guzzler” label they have carried, it is important to remember that at a larger size the gas usage difference is minimal. This will not be your daily commute vehicle — it’s a one-time thing that is about fun over function. Many people have never ridden in the back of a luxury SUV, and the experience becomes even more fun when you are surrounded by friends and the SUV is large enough to move around in comfortably.

Both are Safe, Enjoyable Options

In both cases, your safety and ability to simply enjoy the ride are all but guaranteed. While there is a slight safety advantage in a luxury SUV Toronto because it sits higher off the ground than a sedan limo, the fact that there is a professional driver behind the wheel makes things far easier. You no longer have to select a designated teetotaler for safe and legal driving. As well, you do not need to worry about getting lost, since the driver knows Toronto extremely well and has special training for the extra-large vehicle — they call it a chauffer’s license for good reason. In both cases, you will be well served.

More Room, or More Coziness?

One thing about a luxury SUV Toronto versus a sedan limo is that they may serve different types of luxury needs. Are you more interested in a high ceiling that allows for more easy movement and easier storage of snacks, drinks and party favors? Or are you more interested in a cozier, more laid back party vehicle that allows you to relax and enjoy the ride in more traditionally civilized fashion? The SUV is going to be a lot better if you like to move, whereas a car limo is going to be your best bet if you want to sit back and have a fun conversation that may not involve music blasting in the background.

View Height

One of the more-subtle differences between a sedan limo and a luxury SUV Toronto is the height of the windows. Granted, both of these types of vehicles will often have a sunroof. However, the side windows of the SUV are also larger because of the larger overall body. As well, these windows are often higher up. If you want to get a great view of the Toronto skyline, you may want to use the higher-up windows that an SUV limo can provide you with.

Sound Treatment

Sound moves differently in smaller spaces than in larger ones. While anyone can academically know this, you don’t really know it until you’ve experienced a lot of chatting friends and some loud music in the back of different kinds of limos. In a traditional sedan limo, you have a smaller space that elevates the perceptible volume of every sound in it. In a luxury SUV Toronto, you have more space for sound to dissipate, which can be far easier on your ears.

If you’re ready to try out a luxury SUV, contact us today and find out all about our full line of SUVs.