How Giving Your Wedding Limo Chauffeur An Itinerary Can Make Or Break Your Big Day

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life and you should not let anything get in the way of you enjoying this experience. You have spent a great deal of time and energy planning your entire day, and you should make sure that everyone who is a part of the festivities has an itinerary; this includes your wedding limo chauffeur. It is actually more important that your limo chauffeur has the day’s itinerary than nearly anybody else. Here are some the reasons why this is so important:

Chauffeur’s Can Ensure You Have the Right Limo

How many people will be using the limo? This is a critical piece of information to know, because you don’t want any member of your wedding party to be stuck without a ride. Making last minute plans for getting people to each location would be disastrous for your wedding plans, especially if you are running things on a tight schedule. There are limousines that can seat up to 20 people, but this doesn’t matter if you end up with a different option. When you give your wedding limo chauffeur a detailed itinerary that includes the number of people that will be going on each trip, so that they can make sure you have the right wedding limo reserved for your needs, and alter the reservation if not.

Chauffeur’s Will Make Sure Your Early

It is important your driver knows when you need to be at certain locations throughout the day. Be it the hair salon, venue or photo locations, if your driver isn’t aware of your timeline it becomes difficult to be on time, By informing your driver about your timeline and specific appointment dates, they will be able to determine the transportation time and if there are difficulties along the route.

Chauffeurs Will Find The Most Efficient Routes

If you have more than one location you need to be at during your wedding day, your chauffeur will need to pre-plan a route that makes the most sense. Depending on the date of your wedding, there may be construction interference or events that take up road space. Informing your driver of these locations ahead of time will allow them to research events in the city, and see what interference may occur.

Chauffeurs Want To Provide The Best Service Possible

There are a variety of wedding limo packages available, but your chauffeur will be the person in charge of finalizing these plans. If you book a package for six hours of limo service but events run late and you need it for longer, this becomes your chauffeur’s issue. By giving them an itinerary, they are able to best determine your needs and whether or not your package is realistic. Similarly, some packages include things like champagne service but you will need to inform your chauffeur about when you would actually like this prepared, and not left out all day.

Your wedding day is a celebration of the union between you and your spouse, and it should be memorable. Make sure that your day runs smoothly and everyone involved is stress free by providing your wedding limo driver with an itinerary. To learn more about wedding limo service and reserve yours, contact Yorkville Toronto Limo today.