How To Choose a Luxury Limo Based On Your Luggage Needs

Luxury Limo Based on Luggage Needs

When you go away for work or business, you want things to go as smoothly as possible. In many cases an issue related to your trip can be caused by luggage, not just for making sure that you have everything packed either. It is easy to forget that you should make sure that your luxury limo will have enough space to stow everything that you are bringing. Although they are more spacious than most other vehicles, luxury limousines are no exception to baggage woes. As such, you need to make sure that your next luxury limo is the perfect size for your luggage needs.

Consider the Total Amount of Luggage and People, Not Just Your Own

Before you determine what type of limo will work for your luggage needs, you need to figure out how much luggage you will be bringing in the first place. When thinking about this, you need to look beyond the size of your biggest bag. Recall everything you will bring with you, from your main suitcase, to your carry on and even handbags. All these items take up important space in a limousine. Additionally consider what others will be bringing that are taking the trip with you. Though you may only have one large bag, traveling with your family may result in multiple bags for children. Similarly, a business trip may require multiple bags if certain products or paperwork are also being flown with you. Consider the amount of people also coming for the ride. Though you may plan on reserving a four person limo because of the body count, this leaves no additional interior space for luggage or car seats.  In this case, a larger limo would be the better choice.

Which Limo Model Works Best?

You also have the task of figuring out which types of luxury limos have the storage and person capacity you need.  Some limo types have a set number of luggage items they can fit, whereas some models have a surprising amount of space. For example, the Lincoln town car can fit four people, but only three pieces of smaller luggage. The all new Tesla Model S however has an empty trunk as well as an empty front hood due to its electric engine, and can easily fit four pieces of luggage if not more so. Though both these cars appear to be standard models, one can easily fit much more luggage, given its hidden space.

Internal space is another opportunity to fit additional luggage. While this is not a viable solution for multiple large bags that could cause a safety issue, small carry-on luggage can be placed beside you within the vehicle. A stretch limo may be an excellent choice for a group, even without the minimum amount of people, so that their luggage can be stored comfortably.

Making sure that you have enough storage space will help ensure that your trip away from home is a good experience. Packing is an inherently stressful activity, and not being able to store your luggage in a luxury limo adds on to the difficulty. Instead, contact Yorkville Toronto Limo and inquire about luggage restrictions in their fleet of luxury limos, and reserve the car that works best for your needs today!