How to Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Toronto Airport Limo Service

How to Choose The Right Vehicle for Your Toronto Airport Limo Service

When you choose to book a limo for your trip to the airport, it may be difficult to decide exactly what limousine meets your needs. From brand to style and seating options, there’s a lot of considerations to think about. When you book your Toronto airport limo service, keep the following in mind.


Seating in your Toronto airport limo service should be your first priority. How many guests will be in the limousine, including yourself? Use this as the first point of narrowing down the list of which vehicle to reserve.

Luggage Space

Consider how much luggage you’ll be bringing with you to the airport as the next way to narrow down your vehicle choice. Some of our more compact vehicles in our fleet may only carry one piece of luggage per guest, some have room for even less. If you’re bringing your family on vacation or out of town long term, you’ll need a limousine with a bigger trunk or more storage space.


Depending on who you’re bringing with you in your limousine service, you may be more or less likely to choose one vehicle over another. For important business trips, or picking up an important guest from the airport, you may choose a luxury vehicle like a Tesla or Porsche. For a vehicle for yourself or for your colleagues to get to and from the airport, it may be a more causal choice like a Lincoln town car.

Trip Time

Your distance from the airport may help you in choosing a vehicle that best suits your needs. If you’re located on the outskirts of the GTA, you may want to choose a larger, roomy vehicle that you can get comfortable in for a long journey. For shorter trips, you may want to choose a more compact, hybrid vehicle that’s better on gas and the environment.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best vehicle for your Toronto airport limo service, which is why our team members are here at Yorkville Toronto Limo to help you. Contact us today and we’ll help you pick the perfect vehicle for your next trip to the airport!