How to Select Quality Limo Service

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In a perfect world, all limousine companies would be able to offer customized quality limo service. Unfortunately, not all businesses are up for the task. In order to select the right company for you, you’ll have to be cautious when talking to different limo services and entrusting your safety to them. Here are a few solid and simple ways to find out if the company you’re considering is a quality limo service.

How Long They’ve Been in Business

It is true that even the best companies have to start somewhere. However, it is generally a lot easier for a poor-quality company to start out and run a short course than for it to stick around. A quality limo service is the kind of company that has likely stood the test of time for at least three to four years.


Often, the best way to tell if you are considering using a solid limo service provider is to read any reviews that other people have posted. The reviews will tell you the real story, beyond what anyone’s advertisements will say. Is the company clean, professional, courteous? If not, you can bet that the reviews from people much like yourself will tell you the truth. The experiences of other people can save you a lot of frustration.

Available Fleet

A reasonable request if you have some time beforehand is to ask to see some of the vehicles the company uses. After all, this is a bit like shopping for anything you will end up using, and a quality limo service company should be proud to show off its fleet. While some limo companies may have an insurance issue with allowing you into their lot, others may be fine to let you see their black cars, limos or other chauffeur driven vehicles in person. As you check them out, note whether they’re clean, well maintained, and see if they look like they’re serviced on a regular basis.

Telephone Customer Service

Sometimes a great way to tell quality limo service from the second-rate types is to speak with their on-the-phone people. Are they friendly, knowledgeable, and do they respond well when you ask them questions? If so, these are the clues you need to identify a good limo company from one that may not be the greatest.

Contract Review

If all else fails, look at the contract you are offered. Is it extremely general, or are there plenty of explanations? Is there a policy about what happens if you are dissatisfied? You do not need to be an attorney to look over what you are promised in the contract, and any signs of less than excellent service on the back-end tend to become visible when you look at the offer in black and white.

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