Impressive Features In A Cadillac XTS Limo


Cadillacs have always been known for it’s luxury, reliability and safety, and that’s exactly what you’ll discover in our Cadillac XTS Limos along with all the latest technology and entertainment systems. Magnificent and sleek in exterior look and feel, the Cadillac XTS Limo is just as splendidly put together and impressive underneath the hood as on the outside.

Impressive Underneath

Under the leather and chrome lies the Cadillac XTS Limo’s best kept secret. More than just a limo, a Cadillac is a powerful vehicle designed for ultimate performance, comfort and safety. It all starts with a heavy-duty Cadillac Coachbuilder framework that expert coach builders devote hours of attention and meticulous craftsmanship on to create what is arguably, the world’s best limousine.

Equipped with a powerful 304 brake horsepower engine, six-speed automatic transmission and heavy duty chassis, the Cadillac XTS Limo commands the road. High tech electronics enhance the car’s handling and makes arriving at your destination entirely comfortable and safe.

The Cadillac XTS Limo is also equipped with Cadillac’s Stabilitrak electronic stability control system, automatic rear suspension leveling and all wheel braking. The on-board, computer-assisted stability control also guarantees a smoother, safer drive by comparing the steering inputs with real-time vehicle response and making small changes in engine torque and braking to improve control and handling.

Luxury Defined

From the graceful lines of the exterior to the spacious and immaculately appointed interior, the XTS Limo is a picture painted in luxury, comfort and style. A ride inside wraps you up in a world of advanced technology, immaculate styling and luxurious appointments.

For road trip entertainment, information or quiet diversion, the Cadillac XTS Limo has all you need within arms reach. Color TV, satellite radio and Bose surround sound speakers and the Cadillac CUE5 Information and Media Control System offer passengers all the news, information and entertainment needed to pass the time traveling.

Also within easy reach are the Bluetooth access and 4G wireless hot-spots to keep you connected. Voice recognition and hands free intercom keep you in touch, both inside the car and with the world outside.

Without a doubt, the Cadillac XTS Limo possesses a range of impressive features designed for maximum safety, comfort and convenience. Explore the life of luxury riding inside a Yorkville Toronto Limo today.

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