Party Bus Limo Features You Can Choose From

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Renting a party bus limo is a fun experience for you and up to 31 of your closest friends. Naturally, this size range offers, literally, a lot of room for luxuries above and beyond simply being able to post on social media that you’re riding in a limo. However, it is important to decide what kinds of features you will be receiving prior to getting your party bus limo.

Multiple TV Monitors

Having a TV onboard the party bus limo is a fun way to watch home movies, play video games, take in a sporting event, or just random stuff online if there is a satellite dish. However, it is rare that a group of more than a few people can agree on anything. Because of this tendency toward debate, many party buses have several TV monitors. You can take in a couple of events, have a game system or two going on — perhaps in a competitive mode between players on the bus itself — and be playing some random videos just for the ambiance in the background.

Sound System

Naturally, the sound system onboard a rented party bus is going to be immersive and have plenty of volume. However, the “basic” version of this may not be enough if you love your music and want to feel it throughout your body. The best sound systems onboard your party bus limo are often composed of numerous speakers from the best brands, arranged in ways that make you feel as if you are at a concert instead of in a limo. When you speak to the rental place about your party bus limo, ask what kind of sound system you can expect. You can get a good one, or one you can actively brag about later.

Music Options

Your music options are almost unlimited, particularly because even the most basic party buses have space for you to hook up your music device into their system. However, one option that many of the better party buses possess is for satellite radio, which enables you to listen to a host of different genres without any commercials, and with a random mix. Since it is included in the cost anyway, this is worth asking about beforehand. You can save yourself the time and effort of putting together your own music mix, which may end up looping awkwardly if you make an error regarding its run length.

Tons of Seating

How many seats do you need in your party bus limo? This is a complicated calculation, as not everyone may show up, and some of your friends will bring a +1. Generally speaking, it is good to over-estimate what you will need, as this just gives you more leg room. Having space for a couple of extra people allows for spontaneity and more moving around. You should also check out the seating arrangement inside your limo, as the same amount of space can be divided into many different arrangements of seats.

Stocked Bar

Some limos do not have bars, while some other limos have bar spaces with cooling and ample supports you can use if you wish to stock them for yourself. Speak with your rental company ahead of time about what you can bring, what they will provide, and what they can provide.

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