Most Popular Toronto Limo Fleet and Why


While ride sharing and taxis are reasonably popular, in Toronto a limo fleet is still what most people want to work with when they want to ride properly. Beyond just transportation, selecting the right kind of limo from a limo fleet allows you to enjoy the trip, stretch out and see the sights without having to worry about returning a rental car or being cramped into a potentially shady or smelly vehicle. Limos are the way to go, and there are some particularly popular models.

Stretch Limos

A stretch limo is a noticeably long and sleek car that’s able to accommodate a larger party. If you want to travel with a few friends, maneuver around inside the vehicle, or give everyone plenty of personal space, a stretch limo can be the perfect way to do this. Some stretch limo fleet vehicles can accommodate 12 people, which is a lot of fun for going anywhere.


A sedan is essentially a well-built, practical and luxurious car great for business clients or company events. Additionally, the drivers of Sedans are all thoroughly screened professionals and the lighting and amenities inside are top notch. Sedans are a great addition to any limo fleet because they combine simplicity with elegance. Typically, Sedans seat up to four passengers comfortably.


A Hummer is a lot like a stretch limo in that there is room to maneuver, there is usually a refrigerator for beverages, and the sound systems are usually of top tier quality level. For many party goers, a Hummer is the pinnacle of high status transportation, where getting to the destination is at least as much fun as actually being inside. In some cases, purposely asking your Hummer driver to take a more “scenic” course can lengthen the trip and let you have more fun on the road.


An SUV is a rugged compromise in the limo fleet between the sedan and the stretched Hummer in that there is high luxury and ample room inside. SUVs are extremely popular options for travel to and from airports or train stations, as there is room for your entire group and everyone’s luggage. SUVs are also great for family travel, and are often Chevy Tahoe or Cadillac Escalade models, which are luxurious without being overly showy modes of transportation.

Party Buses

A party bus is the ultimate in large group travel. When you want to paint Toronto red (or your color of choice) a party bus can help your group experience the road in all its glory. Often, in addition to premium caliber sound systems, these buses are outfitted with TVs and potentially full on game systems. Imagine having an entire party where you can play games together, drink without worrying about the dangers of driving home, and still hit several night clubs, restaurants, bars of your choice and other venues. A party bus is perfect for traveling in groups of more than 20 people, especially when there may be lots of conversations going on at once.

Finding the One for You

Finding the right kind of limo fleet is a decision you should not take lightly. When you put your hard-earned money into what should be a great night out, or at the very least an enjoyable short trip, you want to make sure you pick the perfect mode of transportation. Whether you are sure of what you want or you have a few questions – contact YorkVille Limousine to get things rolling in the best possible direction.