Movie Myths about Lincoln Stretch Limos

The Lincoln Stretch Limo is one of the most commonly used limousines for big occasions, so naturally this famous car has made it onto the big screen. While many films have accurately portrayed the Lincoln Stretch Limo, some have missed the mark. These four movies that feature the Lincoln Stretch Limo portray some movie myths rather than limousine facts. 

2012: Your Limousine Driver Can Escape Traffic

In the natural disaster film 2012, the end of the world begins and limousine driver Jackson Curtis races through the streets of Los Angeles in a Lincoln Stretch Limo to escape traffic, collapsing streets, and smoldering buildings. While limousine drivers may know the best ways to navigate a city, avoiding traffic in LA, New York, or Toronto is simply impossible. Add a fully collapsing infrastructure and even the most seasoned driver wouldn’t be able to get you out of LA. Limousine drivers are trained to navigate traffic but during the implosion of the planet, a Hummer H2 Stretch Limo may be slightly more appropriate for escape.

Dumb & Dumber: Don’t Worry, He’s a Limo Driver!

While Dumb & Dumber was not an accurate representation of professional limo drivers, it did involve a funny scene that sadly cannot be recreated by your own limo driver. In the scene, Lloyd notices his passenger leave a briefcase in the lobby of the airport. In the interest of customer service, Lloyd runs to pick up the suitcase and return it, bypassing airport security in the process. When he reaches the gate, a flight attendant tries to stop him. He responds by pulling out his commercial driver’s license and stating, “Don’t worry! I’m a limo driver!”. While your limo driver may have that same dedication to ensuring you and your luggage reach your destination, limo drivers are still bound to security protocols at all major airports.

Sex and the City: Tight Turns? No Problem!

In an unforgettable scene from the movie Sex and the City, Carrie is left at the alter by Big and proceeds to leave the courthouse, only to find him traveling in the opposite direction. Big stops the driver and demands a U-turn down a narrow street and Carrie’s Lincoln Stretch Limo easily accommodates the passing car’s sudden change in direction. While limo drivers are trained to maneuver their vehicles through busy city centers, accommodating a sudden request for a U-turn on a two-way street is simply not a possibility, even when true love is at stake.

Wall Street: Smoking in the Limo

The 1987 film “Wall Street” is the quintessential movie of excess and power that is sadly dated for limousine safety. In the film, Gordon Gekko is explaining the nuances of insider trading to young Bud Fox while smoking a cigarette. Times have changed since Gekko’s day and while you can still enjoy a drink in a luxury limousine, smoking is no longer allowed. All smoking needs to be done outside your Lincoln Stretch Limo.

Thankfully, no matter what the movie, Lincoln Stretch limousines are always correctly portrayed in film as luxurious and accommodating for a wide variety of situations. Unfortunately, Hollywood is prone to exaggeration and even with the most dedicated limousine service and professional drivers, some rules aren’t made to be broken. To reserve your Lincoln stretch limo, contact us today!