Our Top 5 Luxury Limousine Models

Luxury Limousine

While hiring a luxury limousine promises a hassle-free and comfortable mode of transportation, picking the perfect limousine can elevate your event. While some luxury limousine models are great for corporate events, other are best for wild weekends. These top five luxury limousine models represent the wide variety of luxury limousine options available through Yorkville Limousine. For your next big occasion, consider choosing these luxury models of limousines. 

Hummer H2 SUV Stretch Limo

Whether you’re booking a bachelor party or a corporate party, the Hummer H2 SUV stretch limo turns heads and gets the party started. The eye-catching exterior makes a statement when it pulls up to a club or restaurant and the plush interior can comfortably seat up to twenty of your closest friends or business associates. The interior of this luxury limo also features a fully stocked bar and overhead party lighting to keep the fun going in between stops. For a fun and over the top night on the town, the Hummer H2 SUV Stretch Limo is the perfect limousine and one of our top rentals.

Ford Expedition Stretch SUV Limo

If you still want to a party but want something a little more understated and elegant, the Ford Expedition is the luxury limo for you. The Ford Expedition Stretch SUV limousine seats fourteen people and provides the same amenities as the Hummer H2 without the overt party feel. With a white interior and tasteful overhead lighting, the Ford Expedition is the perfect accompaniment to a fancy night out or a business occasion.

Cadillac XTS

For heading to the airport or picking up clients for dinner, there’s no other luxury limousine that conveys sophistication like the Cadillac XTS. Seating up to four people and trunk space for three pieces of luggage, the Cadillac XTS provides a cozy but upscale transportation option. It is plush and comfortable on in the interior for talking business or completing a final report before getting to the airport. The Cadillac XTS is the best choice for business available through Yorkville Limousine.

Tesla Model S

In busy cities, the environmental price of luxury limousine services can seem wasteful. With the Tesla Model S, you not only are transported in a premiere vehicle but one that doesn’t harm the environment with constant idling and braking. As comfortable as it is environmentally-friendly, the Tesla Model S fits four passengers and four pieces of luggage, making it a top luxury limousine for transportation in busy cities like Toronto.

Lincoln Town Car Executive

The car of CEOs and sports stars has always been the Lincoln Town Car Executive. The Lincoln Town Car Executive pairs a sleek and professional look with unparalleled interior comfort. It is as suitable for a big night out as it is for a business merger so there’s no occasion too big or small for this luxury limo. Seating four people, the Lincoln Town Car Executive is a perfect choice for all your intimate occasions.

For any occasion, a luxury limousine provides an easy and comfortable way to get to any event. These five models of luxury vehicles are just a handful in the models available from Yorkville Limousine but whether you’re planning an anniversary dinner or an important business trip, a luxury limo is the perfect accompaniment no matter the model.