4 Ways To Know You’ve Hired The Best Limo Service In Toronto

Toronto’s glittering skyline and even more glittering multicultural population is best enjoyed to the taste of bubbles and the extravagance of a stretch limousine.  If you value the finer things in life, you’ll need to find the best limo service in Toronto. One that takes your concierge service as seriously as it does the versatility … >>  Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Stretch Hummers Are So Great

It’s hard to ignore the powerful presence of the lavish stretch Hummer as it cruises down the road or drives by you on the highway. Laughing passengers en-route to their prom night, wedding gala or big-time birthday bash are a sight to behold while seated in the attention-grabbing Hummer. Not only do you feel like … >>  Continue reading

The Best of Comfort and Class, A Tesla Limo

When you’re looking for the best limo on the market to reserve, a Tesla limo is a natural top choice. Tesla Motors has been making some of the best vehicles in the industry that blurs the line between luxury and electric vehicles, a division that has been significant up until recently. A Tesla limo has … >>  Continue reading

Eco Friendly Options for Toronto Car Service

Being eco-conscious isn’t a trend anymore, it’s an important addition to our lifestyle that as a society we’re all adopting at same rate. That’s why here at Yorkville Toronto Limo we know the importance of having eco-friendly Toronto car service options. It’s not enough simply to think about how we can make the world a … >>  Continue reading