4 Top Wedding Limo Packages

Is there a wedding announcement in your future? Perhaps you’ve already saved-the-date for when you say “I Do. Whether your wedding palate leans toward understated or extravagant, complement your plans for that special day with an experience that makes you feel cherished. So, what are your options? Customize one-of-a-kind moments with a wedding limo package … >>  Continue reading

Why You Should Choose The Eco-Friendly Tesla Model S Limo

Commuting in style is obviously important, but some people would still like to take it a step further. Nowadays, people aren’t just interested in luxurious experiences, they’re keen on using car models that are environmentally-friendly. So, is it possible to reduce your carbon footprint significantly? If you’re concerned about using a conventional vehicle, the Tesla … >>  Continue reading

Why The Stretch Limo Has Become A True Classic

The stretch limo is a symbol of style, luxury and exclusivity. How did an elongated automobile acquire so much meaning and become a sign of status? Taking a look at the history of the stretch limousine and its characteristics is one of the best ways to find the answer and understand why it’s a classic … >>  Continue reading

What Advantages Are Included In A Luxury Limousine?

A luxury limousine rental offers a lot more than a convenient form of transportation. These limos rank among the most exclusive vehicles out there.  A number of luxuries, amenities and technologies inside the car contribute to a one-of-a-kind experience on the way to any special event. Here are the top advantages. Variety Luxury limousine isn’t … >>  Continue reading