How to Pick a Limousine for Your Next Event

It’s not every day that you attend—or have to organize—an event so special that it might require an extra sheen of “fancy” with limousine transportation. So when you do find yourself in such a situation, like planning for a wedding, a prom, or even something truly nerve-racking, like a proposal, you want to do this … >>  Continue reading

How Much You Should Tip Your Limo Driver

To tip or not to tip—that is the question. Well, actually, you already know you’re supposed to tip, so the real question, then, is how much? This question is one that many people face after hopping in a cab or renting a limo, and many wonder how much to tip chauffeurs and professional drivers. To … >>  Continue reading

Common Myths about Limousine Services

It’s always a rare occasion when people are in their cars, or even walking down the street, and see a limousine cruising down the road. There’s immediate speculation about who’s inside, whether that person is famous or wealthy, or even questions about what important event is happening that requires a limousine for people to attend. … >>  Continue reading