What to Consider Before Hiring a Toronto Car Service

Hiring a car service can be a practical option for many people who live busy and demanding lives. Navigating city roads isn’t getting any easier, especially in Toronto where we’ve recently been given the dubious honour of being named the worst city in North America for commuting.     Less Frustration Means More Productivity   … >>  Continue reading

Top Special Events Worth Hiring a Limousine

For most people, limousines are a treat reserved for special occasions. Maybe your wedding or prom was the last time you experienced the luxurious feeling of stretching out in the back of a limousine. These days, with so many vehicles to choose from at prices that don’t come with a luxury price tag, hiring a … >>  Continue reading

Reasons to Upgrade to an SUV Limo

There’s something undeniably exciting about riding in a limo. Limos mean big events, life moments, and memories you still talk about. Remember the prom? For lots of us, that was the first introduction into the magical world of limousines. Limousines have changed since you went to the prom. Now with so many choices, there’s something … >>  Continue reading

Tips for Hiring The Best Limo Service in Toronto

When it comes to hiring the best limousine service to get you around Toronto, it’s important to know some helpful tips. There is a lot more to a great limousine company than just the appearance of their fleet, and the type of limousine that you need greatly depends on your unique event or occasion.   … >>  Continue reading