How Much Should You Budget for a Wedding Limo?

If you’re planning your wedding, then congratulations! Your wedding is going to be a big step that will change the rest of your life. It’s also, aside from purchasing your first home as a couple, likely to be one of the first big expenditures for you, your parents, or whoever is financing the wedding. There … >>  Continue reading

Town Car vs. Uber – Which is Better?

Uber is the ride-sharing transportation and tech company that grew out of California back in 2009, and since then the company has cropped up in just about every major city in the United States and Canada, including Toronto. Uber has many appeals, but when you’re looking for a safe, reliable, and professional ride from one … >>  Continue reading

5 Tips for the Busy Traveller

These days it’s easier than ever to travel around the world by air. What was once a dangerous trek that didn’t even guarantee the survival of passengers to the destination is now an everyday experience for millions of people travelling to every part of the globe. But if you want to make the most of … >>  Continue reading