Provide A List Service to your A List Clients during TIFF with Luxury Limousine Service


The 2015 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is arriving soon. This annual festival provides a great opportunity to impress your clients, and leave a lasting impression. That being said, you should not simply send your clients out to TIFF events with a handful of tickets and passes and hope that the night goes well. Instead, provide them with the A list service they deserve by hiring a luxury limousine service. Here are the reasons why this is a great move:

Guarantee Your Client Has an Excellent Trip

Even the most exciting events can become frustrating if getting to and from it is difficult. Frustrating traffic, standing around waiting for public transportation, and trying to hail a cab are just a few examples of the difficulty of commuting. However with a professional limousine service none of these examples have to become a reality, because your client’s car is ready for them when they need it. Limo’s become a fun and comfortable environment for travel to all TIFF events.

Strengthen Your Relationship

The professional relationships you build with your clients are critical for your ability to do business with them. When you are enjoying TIFF screenings or events with them, using your travel time within a limo becomes a perfect time to talk about work. Limousine service’s offer the luxury of blocking out the sound and stressors of outside, and create a comfortable environment for you to ensure that your client is comfortable working with you and your company.

Your Client Will Be Safe

With the busy atmosphere of TIFF, accidents are bound to happen. But if your client gets into a car accident or injured in anyway, the likelihood of getting business done is minimal. Hiring a limousine service will help to make sure you go out of your way to protect your clients safety. This is because limousines are extremely safe vehicles. The safety features included by limo manufacturers far exceed those of the standard vehicle on the road. All limos and the companies that own them are legally mandated to include items like complete first aid kits, safety flares and even fire extinguishers on board at all time. These items do not even have to qualify as additional concerns or pre-reservation questions, as every limo company in Canada is required by law to include these features and capabilities.

Additionally, a professional limousine driver working for a luxury limo company is not just someone who has a driver’s license. Professional limo drivers have had extensive training well beyond any basic defensive driving course, so they are far less likely to get into an accident. They are also given emergency situations training, so that your clients will have someone to rely on incase of unforeseen safety issues.

A good limousine service is what your clients deserve during the Toronto International Film Festival this year. This service will keep your clients at ease and safe, and will allow you to make a lasting impression that is remembered long after the festival is done. Contact Yorkville Toronto Limo today and reserve your luxury limo or personal chauffeur for TIFF before it’s too late.