Why the Lincoln Limousine is still a Classic Favorite

Since 1980, Lincoln limousines have been cruising North American streets as the most recognizable luxury automobile out there. When you think limos – visions of dark-tinted windows, sleek-black, stretched exteriors and the feel of rich leather seats automatically pops in mind. For generations, the Lincoln Limousine has been a go-to celebratory indulgence and top choice … >>  Continue reading

4 Famous Over the Top Limos

Sometime limousine companies and designers go too far, and create over the top limos that are more so for show than they are actually moving people around! Though inefficient, over the top limos sure do draw a lot of attention! While here at Yorkville Toronto Limo, we keep our fleet packed with luxury, high end … >>  Continue reading

Movie Myths about Lincoln Stretch Limos

The Lincoln Stretch Limo is one of the most commonly used limousines for big occasions, so naturally this famous car has made it onto the big screen. While many films have accurately portrayed the Lincoln Stretch Limo, some have missed the mark. These four movies that feature the Lincoln Stretch Limo portray some movie myths rather … >>  Continue reading