Take Advantage of a Toronto Limo Company to Get to The Next Toronto Blue Jays Game

Toronto Limo Company

The Toronto Blue Jays have seen a huge spike in popularity in the last few years, as the Toronto sports scene continues to blossom. Unlike ever before, getting your hands on Blue Jays tickets can be a struggle, and getting to the game is even worse. When you want to make your trip to the next Toronto Blue Jays game stress free, rely on a Toronto limo company to get you there the right way.

Getting to the Jays Game

Depending where you live in the GTA, you may have one or more options to safely get to the Blue Jays game, however none can match the comfort and luxury of hiring a Toronto Limo Company.

Drive Yourself

Driving yourself to and from the Toronto Blue Jays game may be one of the first ideas that crosses your mind, however it is arguably the worst choice. Parking in and around the Rogers Centre is slim, and incredibly expensive. Matched with the downtown atmosphere, and increase in pedestrians in the area, driving to the game is a stressful and expensive choice. Should you choose to have a drink or two, you may put yourself at risk, or end up having to leave the car at the lot you parked it in while you take another route home.

Go Transit

For those who live in the GTA, Go Transit a simple to use system to get to and from the downtown core. However, it’s likely not the best route when going to a Jays game. Not all Go Train routes are increased during nights of the game, and the ones that are become uncomfortably full. The average Go Train holds about 1400 people, whereas the Rogers Centre can entertain a little over 53 thousand people at a time; even a small portion of these guests taking the train at one time can cause absolute chaos. Additionally, once you get off the Go Train in your city, you still have the problem of getting to your house, meaning a taxi, more transit, or having family pick you up.


If you’re lucky enough to live downtown, the TTC may be the natural choice. But remember, this is the first choice for everyone else who lives downtown too. Additionally, most of the streetcar routes accessible along King Street, Queen Street and Dundas are under constant repair in the summer months, and you’ll be detoured along the way.

The Toronto Limo Difference

When you reserve a Yorkville Toronto Limo to get you to and from your next Jays game, you’ll notice a world of difference. We’ll pick you up directly at your house, and can pick up additional guests along the way. Your chauffeur will take the most time efficient route to the Rogers Centre, and check for time delays on highway and in town roads. You’ll be dropped off right in front of your gate to the game, and picked up in the same place. At the end of the game, you’ll be taken home directly, safely and quickly.

To reserve a limo with the best Toronto Limo Company for the next Blue Jays Game, contact us today!