The Design Elements Of A Hummer Stretch Limo That Make This Vehicle Special


Stretch hummers are the mansions of the limo world, packing enough spaciousness for parties, hot tubs and even weddings. These lavish vehicles have become a global phenomenon for excellent reasons, even their lighting and wet bars are atmospheric. Their width and height creates enough room to exercise true creativity for themed events and their expanded seating keeps all your guests comfortable.

Exteriors That Excite

The hummer stretch limo exterior is muscular and sporty enough for one of their most famous brand ambassadors: Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Airbox features and bumper covers are made of steel and the engine is vented through them. With their wide, almost angry grilles and athletic tires, they’re competent enough to manage off-road requirements. Is there a better way to enjoy a luxury romp in a national park or mountain range?

The H2 limo doesn’t have pretentious chrome imitations that lesser SUVs tend to prefer, so while it is an opulent ride, it’s also a rustic one, at least on the outside.

Hummers are styled like assault vehicles, even underneath the hood. Their stability is extreme, and their torsion bar suspension provides improved clearance. They feel snug on urban roads, too, and are ideal for those who prefer to feel the power of their ride, because their engines are as potent as their stock ancestors’.

Interior Ambiance

Hummer limos might be rugged on the outside, but they’re suave and sophisticated on the inside. Their raised roofs and special effect lighting makes them the preferred option for parties and stag nights. Hummers have always been known for their extravagance, and their stretched limo versions are no different. Their cabin is more elegant than most pickups, and their gun-slit windows provide superb privacy. Add fiber optic strobe lighting and you have a party you’ll never forget. The cabin has an exquisite wet bar along with indented, lit tables for every second seat, plus the screens tilt to give every seating position a comfortable view. You can chill your champagne in inbuilt ice buckets that are impossible to tip, and when you arrive at your destination, you’ll make a grand entrance through vertically opening doors.


A typical 18-seat Hummer stretch limo comes with 31-feet of space and a privacy divider, providing as much discretion as it does security. The traditional H2 seats 20, and its LED lighting creates enough ambiance for the wildest events. No range rover manages as much ground clearance or cabin space as the Hummer, yet it’s narrow enough to be practical off road.

The H2 is three inches taller than most rivals, so it’s physically imposing and comfortable. Its roof is raised even higher than its smaller cousin.


The interior of your Hummer stretch limo is styled for festiveness. Curvaceous lines are emphasized by neon accent lighting. Four screens and a DVD player keep you entertained while you enjoy the bar. Of course, no party is complete without a thumping sound system, so you’ll receive a premium model with MP3 player. Plush leather seating and the latest technology make the 2015 model a pleasure to use.

Premium Bar

Even the smallest Hummer stretch limo has an ice chest and fully equipped bar, so expect your 20-seater to come with enough glassware and beverages to keep you comfortable all night. Hummer limos are known to take luxury to new heights, so they will surpass your expectations.

If you think Hummers and understated elegance will never go together, you’ve not seen our subtle, graceful black model, which has a duo-tone interior with indigo and lilac lighting. Contact Yorkville Limos your SUV stretch limo today!