The Formal Training and Experience Every Chauffeur Driver Has

Chauffeur Driver

When you get into the seat of a Yorkville Toronto Limousine, your safety is our number one priority. It’s not just enough for our vehicles to be safe, but our chauffeur drivers have top of the line training and experience as well. The formal training and experience is key to having the best chauffeur, which is why all of our drivers have the following:

Limousine Drivers School

Just like how most new drivers choose to enroll in a driver’s school to learn how to drive from a professional, all limousine drivers must attend and pass limousine drivers school. These courses typically run between a week or two in length, and teach everything from local, provincial and national limousine laws, to driving techniques and more. Limousines are not like every other vehicle on the road, and particular styles like stretch limos can at first be a challenge for even the best chauffeur driver.

Limousine Licensing

Limousine licensing is required both for the limousine company and their vehicles, but for the chauffeur drivers themselves. In the City of Toronto, applicants must be able to provide an extensive list of items to the licensing office including a criminal background check, proof of driver’s school attendance and passing, a driving record check, two pieces of government issued identification, CPR registration, and more.


When we hire new chauffeur drivers, we don’t just let them start driving immediately. We work with our drivers one on one to show them the ropes of the trade, from driving to customer service, black car service and more. We work to ensure that every member of our team represents the high value and quality we provide at Yorkville Toronto Limo, and instill passion for the job in each and every one of our employees.

Becoming a chauffeur driver in the City of Toronto is a challenge, and it takes passion, skill, training and time to become a work-ready driver. Here at Yorkville Toronto Limo, we work with the best chauffeur drivers in the industry to ensure that every experience you have in one of our limousines is the better than any experience you’ve had before. To learn more about our chauffeur driver training and experience, or to reserve your limousine, contact us at Yorkville Toronto Limo today.