The Importance of a National Limousine Association Membership

National Limousine Association Membership

A luxury limousine ride is an important aspect to many of life’s events, from business trips to wedding days, to simply getting to the airport safely. But not all limo companies are the same, and the scale that they are rated on is important. It is important that your chosen limo company have a National Limousine Association (NLA) membership. It is not only a sign of good service, but a sign of a reputable company. The NLA makes sure that all of its member companies offer true luxury service. They do so by requiring the following from all of its members:

All NLA Must Have Professionally Trained Drivers

No matter how impressive the limo itself is, a poorly trained driver will still diminish your luxury limo experience. That is why all NLA members must have their chauffeurs professionally trained for both driving skills and customer service. To ensure quality for driver training, the NLA offers its own driver training program.

All NLA Members Must Be Fully Licensed  

Being able to run a limo company requires proper certification and licensure. Not all limo companies are certified, some are even dishonest about their certification. You can have the peace of mind that your limo company is fully licensed and certified when you work with an NLA member, because full certification and licensure according to the area in which they operate is required for membership.

All NLA Members Must Be Fully Insured

Insurance is a must when owning and operating a vehicle, but it is surprising to note that many limousine companies have found legal loopholes to not properly insuring their fleet. Damage that is done to limos that are not properly insured can become the liability of the customer, regardless of how the damage is brought on. All national limousine association members are required to have full and appropriate insurance at all times, and are audited regularly to confirm its validity. This insurance covers both the physical vehicle and the persons within it, so if an accident were to occur both parties are kept safe and financially sound.

All NLA Members Are Audited Regularly

The NLA does not simply assume that their members are doing what they are supposed to. They make sure to audit all of their members. This includes checking their references. The NLA also makes sure that the limo company makes their references available for you to check.

All NLA Members Must Routinely Inspect Their Vehicles

As a part of their membership, all NLA members are expected to regularly inspect their vehicles for safety and cleanliness. These inspection routines are not monthly or weekly either. NLA member limousines get inspected and undergo maintenance every single day. This ensures that you will be receiving an optimal luxury limo experience every time they pick you up.

NLA Members Are Ahead of the Curve

In addition to being held to all of those requirements that ensure a high quality of service, NLA members are also provided with a myriad of professional development resources specific to the limousine industry. This includes keeping NLA members apprised of and engaged in all current initiatives to make all limousines services even safer, more efficient and more luxurious.

Choose a National Limousine Association member so that you can rest assured that you are getting the best luxury limo services. You shouldn’t have to question whether or not a high-end service like a limousine ride will be top quality. Contact Yorkville Toronto Limousine for more information about this membership and reserve your limo today!