The perks of Renting a Mercedes Van Limo

Mercedes Benz is an icon of luxury, so it’s no surprise that their van limo breaks new ground in terms of extravagance. The first Sprinter rolled off production lines in 2010, so it has a solid history behind it to support its evolution. The current full sized Mercedes Van Limo carries 12 passengers and offers enough features to impress even the most cynical limo fan.

Quality Over Pretentiousness

In keeping with the Mercedes brand, the van limo focuses on luxurious fittings and exquisite materials. It’s decidedly utilitarian, managing tough roads at high speeds without losing stability. It’s a favorite for customization for precisely that reason: the van feels lavish on the road, so it’s a natural limousine. The cabin is lit with as much understated class as the rest of its design. It has all the trappings of any limo van: it has a wet bar, blinds, and audiovisual equipment, so it’s the perfect option for corporate trips. Its subtle suaveness will enhance your corporate reputation with the utmost sophistication.

Working on the Move

The Mercedes Van Limo is a perfect mobile office, not only because of its stability, but its spaciousness as well. Its 416 LWB high roof and seven-metre length add to your comfort and provide enough foot room to really stretch out. It’s kitted out with potent HD shock absorbers, so you can expect a smooth trip, which you’ll need if you’re working on the go.

While the van is a natural choice for executive trips to and from the airport, it’s built for long journeys. It has a large infotainment screen, so you’ll be able to add the finishing touches to your presentations in transit. The seating is so ergonomically sound that you can enjoy your meetings in the cabin while you’re mobile. Hands-free phone-pad numbers keep you in touch with colleagues, and Bluetooth lets you hook up your devices. You’ll also get to enjoy an eight-speaker audio system, Wi-Fi, full-color printers, desks, and conference call technology.

Driving in Style

The Mercedes Van Limo was built to be driven. It’s a working vehicle, so its engine is as practical as it is opulent. There are a full 43, 00 mm between the front seats and barn-doors. Loads can be tied down, and there are 14, 000 liters of load volume.

One of the most unique features of this van is the amount of floor space it offers. It has enough height and width to entertain from or for setting up a full desk. It was designed to replace air and rail travel, so it offers enough room for you to stand and move freely and enough seating comfort to keep you energized on long trips.


If you’re renting a limo van for leisure, it’s well suited to nights out on the town. Surround sound, blue neon accent lighting, and a premium MP3 sound system will achieve the festive atmosphere you need for your trip. The refreshment bar is stocked with everything you could possibly need to keep your taste buds occupied.

Mercedes has built a four-wheel-drive option for those off-road vacations, but even if driving off the beaten path, your ride will be surprisingly smooth. This is one of the least pretentious limos on the market today, but it’s also one of the largest, which makes it a great choice for cross country tours and family outings. It has the dimensions of a tour bus, and it handles winding roads competently. It’s also designed to handle tough weather, so if you’re heading out in the middle of winter, there’s no better choice.

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