Tips For Perfect Etiquette In Your Wedding Limo In Toronto

The perfect wedding requires limousine service and a chauffeur. A luxurious ride on this memorable day is the icing on the cake. As you enjoy your wedding limo in Toronto, make sure you follow proper etiquette to show respect for the driver and your limo service.

Here are a few easy to follow rules that will ensure ride goes smoothly!

  1. Respect: Everyone knows your wedding day can be a stressful one, but make sure to remember your driver is there to help! He or she is there to make sure your day goes perfectly. Even if the stress of the day gets to you, make sure not to yell at the driver or ask them to do anything illegal (like speed or pass other drivers when they shouldn’t). If you do have a problem with your driver, be sure to contact the service instead.
  2. Treat the limo well: The limousine isn’t your automobile, and it’s important to remember that. Treat it better than you would treat your own car. When you’re in the back of a limo, it’s easy to get carried, but just remember not to damage anything. If there are any problems, make sure to ask the driver or contact the service.
  3. Leave everything there: Don’t take anything out of the limousine that doesn’t belong to you. It’s your big day and you may want a souvenir, but please leave everything there.
  4. Tip your driver: Remember to tip your chauffeur. The recommended gratuity is 20% of the rental price. Check with the service company to find out if the gratuity is already included. If you should have bad service and choose not to tip, make sure the company knows why.
  5. Entering and exiting the limo: You’ve seen many people getting into limos incorrectly. There is an appropriate way to enter and exit the limo. First, make sure to allow your chauffeur to open the door for you. Then, slide into the first available seat and swing your legs inside. Finally, slide along the seats until you are at your seat. Exit the limo the same way.
  6. Keep it tame: It is your big day, but make sure to keep your party tame inside the limo. Don’t get too rowdy or do anything to make the driver feel unsafe.

The rules of etiquette for traveling in a limousine are simple to follow. Be respectful, be courteous, and have a good time. Your big day will be perfect! Book your wedding limo Toronto today!