Wedding Limo Toronto Packages: Why it’s the Best Choice

Other than the birth of children, your wedding is the only other day that might fill you with unrivaled anxiety. After all, it is a union intended to last a lifetime, and you’ll need all the help you can get to ensure that it runs smoothly. From the invitations that need to be sent out, to the wedding limo Toronto that you should seriously consider, there are a lot of boxes to check off as the day approaches. Here at Yorkville Limousine, we can fully take care of the transportation aspect and ease your mind of that worry.

Wedding Limo Toronto Packages Tailored to the Customer’s Ability

Our aim is to serve up a night to remember, and a big part of that is making sure we have a tiered limo system that makes the service available to all prospective customers. Yorkville Limousine has received compliments of a job well done from every single one of the packages we offer. The stylishness of the interior, and the professionalism of the drivers is never compromised and remains equal across the board.

  1. Bronze Limousine Package

The beginning Bronze level of service serves as the springboard to the rest of our limo options. With this, you get a chauffeured stretch limo with chilled champagne and attendant glasses, of course. Once you’re at your destination, our professional driver rolls out a red carpet to help you make the grand entrance. All this is yours for a full five hours in the Bronze package.

  1. Silver Limousine Package

The Silver wedding limo Toronto package is largely an extension of the Bronze variant; the excellent service lasts for a full eight hours instead of five. This covers much of the daylight even in the long days of summer, and you can enjoy the champagne in high quality crystal flute glasses for all the trips you need to make before convening at the altar.

  1. Gold Limousine Package

The Gold wedding limo package guarantees 12 hours of our exceptional limousine service, with the uniformed chauffeur ready and willing to safely transport you to your destinations. As for the amenities, everything you’ll find in the Bronze and Silver Packages are here – you just get them for a lot longer to ensure you have the limo when you need it.

  1. Platinum Limousine Package

The chief package that gives you everything that Yorkshire Limousine has to offer to make that special day even more magical. With this one, you get a choice between the Mercedes S-Class sedan or the Porsche Panamera 4 door along with the stretch limo.

The cars are yours for four hours, and the limo for a full 12 hours to really make the memories of this event shine through when you look at them down the years. The cars are also chauffeured, and are intended to meet the groom and bride after the limo drops them off at the reception – but you can use them as you like for the full four hours.

We fully understand and appreciate that your wedding is something you’ll cherish and remember for all the days of your lives together, and would be positively ecstatic to do our part in helping it shine. Transportation will be provided to and from the altar, as well as any place else as detailed in the packages.

For more info or to book your wedding limo package today, contact Yorkville Limousine!