What Questions to Ask Before Booking with a Limo Service in Toronto

Asking the right questions is a key to identifying whether the limo service in Toronto that you are considering using is the best one available. Spending your time and money on a solid company is a great way to have fun, stay safe and make good memories. Going with a lesser company is often not worth the hassle or the money spent, and tends to leave you with poorer memories.

Types of Vehicles

One of the first questions you would be wise to ask of a potential limo provider is what types of vehicles they offer. Do they have smaller limos, stretched limos, Hummer limos, or simply regular size luxury cars that may only seat one or two passengers? Do they offer party buses with screens, high end sound systems and space to move around onboard? If you are looking for a particular type of vehicle and the company you are speaking with does not have it, or one similar enough to it, you can save yourself some time and frustration by moving on to the next company.

Passenger Capacity

Usually, before you are going to have an event you at least have an idea of how many people you are going to have around. If you just want a handful of your friends with you, this is often easier and requires a smaller vehicle than if you want to throw a much larger party and have a big group. Asking what kind of passenger capacity the limo service in Toronto has available is a good way to filter out companies that simply cannot accommodate your needs.


Before you work with any kind of limo service in Toronto, you should ask about how much it costs. Ask if there are special mileage costs, what the hourly costs are, if there are initial costs, if there are additional costs such as insurance or a pickup cost. You should even ask if there is a necessary amount you have to put down in advance. The more costs you ask about, including asking in general if there is anything else you may be charged for that you forgot to ask about, the less likely you are going to be surprised down the road when the final bill arrives. Sometimes costs can be removed if you ask, or negotiated downward to an extent. You never know unless you ask.

Package Types

Sometimes a limo service in Toronto is not just the driver and the vehicle, but may involve a package of some type. If there are incidentals such as snacks and drinks included, or specials that may lower your costs, this can be beneficial to ask about. While packages may not always be available, especially if you may be operating on shorter notice, it never hurts to ask about these kinds of things.

Driver Qualifications

One of the most important points to ask any kind of limo service in Toronto is about the driver pool they work with. Naturally, drivers should have been thoroughly investigated to ensure that they have no criminal backgrounds. They should also undergo regular drug screenings, to ensure that they will have clear judgment. When the driver is competent and clear headed, you can relax and focus on having fun while the driver keeps you and your friends safe and expediently on your way to wherever you are going.

You can save yourself a lot of time finding a limo service in Toronto. All you have to do is contact Yorkville Limousine today, and your search for a great limo provider will be done.