What to Look for and What to Avoid with Toronto Limousine Companies

When you’re booking a limo in Toronto, it can be difficult to know what you should be looking for. With many Toronto limousine companies at your service, there are certain things you should be taking into consideration that might not be on your immediate radar. Instead of automatically going for the lowest automatic quote you can find on a website, take a serious look at your chosen Toronto limousine company and consider the following.

Luxury Car Options

One of the key benefits of a limousine service is the benefit of being driven around in a luxury car; be it a Tesla or a Porsche, these are not always your everyday vehicles. When a Toronto limousine company has multiple luxury car options, this shows that they’re dedicated to providing their clients with outstanding customer service. The better the car selection is, the better of a limousine company they are.

When a Toronto limousine company only has a few vehicle options, this should be a warning sign of a poor business. Whether they simply cannot afford luxury cars due to slow business, or are targeting a lower-end price range and clientele, only having a small selection of luxury cars is not a good sign.

Insurance Policies

A good insurance policy is an absolute mandate for Toronto limousine companies. These policies must cover not only the vehicle itself and collision damage, but your property and person in the event of an accident. It’s very easy however for a limousine company to find loopholes in the insurance system, and this puts you in serious danger if something were to go astray.

Not sure how limousine insurance policies work? Simply ask! If you’re limousine company can’t explain to you how their policy works, or what it covers, this should be a serious warning sign. Keep note of what they’re explaining to you, to ensure that they haven’t made up terms and conditions of a policy they don’t actually have. Here at Yorkville Toronto Limo, we have every insurance policy necessary to keep you safe, and we are always on top of the newest legalities. As a member of the National Limousine Association, we’re kept in touch with the latest in limo insurance and what we can do better for the safety of our customers.


Testimonials are an easy way for companies to let you know they provide outstanding service, right from the mouth of another customer. But there is no way to easily tell if these testimonials are legitimate, or simply created by the company to put on their own website. If you notice that the website is full of vague testimonials from similarly vague names, this might be an area of concern.

Reputable Toronto limousine companies will not have fake testimonials scattered around their website to reassure you that you’re getting excellent service. If they do include testimonials, they will be from high end clients like celebrities or A-Listers to highlight how they’re the best choice in the city; not from an everyday person that may not even be real.

Choose the Best Toronto Limousine Company

When you need a Toronto limousine company to get you to where you need to be, it’s important that you choose a company with an outstanding reputation and commitment to customer service. There are obvious signs that a company is successful, like an outstanding car selection, and less apparent signs like full insurance coverage. If you want to book with the best Toronto limousine company, then book with Yorkville Toronto Limo. Contact us today to reserve your limo for your next upcoming event or meeting in the city!