What to Look for When Making a Hummer Limo Hire

A Hummer limo hire can be the perfect way to get where you are going in the pinnacle of style. Of course, not every Hummer limo hire is created equally. You need to be mindful of what you are getting before you sign on the dotted line and lay your money down. Here are some top things to look for before making your choice:

Sound System

Typically, a Hummer is going to come outfitted with one of the best sound systems available. When you want to feel the bass and flow along with the treble, a Hummer is definitely your preferred ride. Of course, if the sound system is not up to snuff, if it needs repair or they simply went with a stock system that does not sound so good, you may want to steer clear of this Hummer limo hire and go with another company. Nothing should be annoying you, including the sound system of the vehicle you’re renting, on the special night you have set aside to be spent living it up with friends.

General Maintenance

The sound system is one example of things you can check over for quality. However, there are plenty of other things that can make a Hummer limo hire less than ideal. Any good company will allow you to see their vehicles ahead of time, and this is your chance to scrutinize them. Are they clean? Is the upholstery in great condition? Are there any signs of wear, dirt, or other things that suggest a lack of regular maintenance? If there are, this is not the kind of company you want to be working with. After all, if the upholstery has tears in the corners or the floors are dirty, how smooth will your ride really be if the engine hasn’t been upkept either?

Driver Screening

Any limo company should be screening their drivers carefully. This means a full criminal background check, proper licensing for driving public passengers, and routine drug screenings along with spot sobriety checking. Your driver needs to be a consummate professional, because you are literally putting your life in this person’s hands. The screening process should be very transparent.

Extra Amenities or Not

Are you providing drinks, or does the Hummer limo hire company provide these things? Will they provide a musical playlist, or do you need to provide it? These are important things to remember while you are speaking with the company, as they may be things you need to pay for and they could affect your enjoyment of the evening itself. Every amenity is something that needs to be thought about in advance, because leaving things to chance is not fun when you have nothing to snack on or drink and end up thirsty and starving when you are trying to have fun.

Detailed Contract

While reviewing contracts is not a very enjoyable activity, it is important to do this. Look for anything that sounds bizarre, any extra charges, or anything that sounds shady. It is better to ask questions in advance and learn what everything means than to end up wondering or be charged extra fees you did not expect.

Making the Choice

Once you’ve selected your Hummer limo hire, it is time to begin the rest of the preparations. Whether you are ready to book now or simply have some questions, contact Yorkville Limousine today, and we’ll get all your questions answered.