When to Hire a Van Limo Service

The use of van limo service can be great for several kinds of situations. You can enjoy larger windows and better views while you ride in style. You have more room to maneuver when you use van limo service. As well, if you are wearing nice clothing, you have a lesser chance of it becoming rumpled or otherwise improperly creased.

Clothing Maintenance

One reason van limo service is a good choice is for when you are decked out in your best finery — or when you’re renting an outfit that you need to return in the best shape possible. In many limos, you have to hunch over if you want to change seats, grab a drink, or move around for any other reason.

With a van, many of which now come standard with an extended roof height, adults of regular height can stand up properly. This minimizes the likelihood of creasing your outfit, particularly for women in flowing gowns.

This also reduces the chances of accidentally stepping on your clothes, or having them be trod upon by others. For weddings and other events where people go all-out into fashion, riding in a van limo is often the best way to keep everyone looking great and get back your deposit if you rented.

Room to Move

Van limo service is not just great for your clothes, as your posture and ultimate comfort can suffer in a shorter vehicle. In an extended van, room to maneuver is far more comfortable. Realistically, unless you are traveling a very short distance, moving around is going to happen.

Conversations move naturally, and sometimes end in favor of others. When you move around, you should not have to worry about accidentally stepping on someone. This is particularly true if you move in circles where people are taller than the average, such as with many kinds of athletes. Also of note is that with high-energy people such as those in sales, being able to move around freely is extremely valuable.

Enjoying the Views

Often, shorter types of limos can stifle your view. While your trip may be consumed with resting, with sipping while you listen to others or with sharing your own tales and jokes, you may also want to snap some pics. Would you rather get a backdrop of the vehicle itself, or of the landscape behind the people in the picture? Often, limo vans come equipped with extra large windows that reveal a lot more of the countryside or cityscape. This is great for making your trip more enjoyable, and remembering precisely where you were at a specific moment.

Noise Control

Taller vehicles are great for keeping sound more reasonable. Groups tend to get louder as more people join in, and there is no reason to ride in silence. After all, you’re going somewhere fun and enjoyable, not somewhere dour and sad. But of course, having a taller ceiling means that when people speak up, they aren’t constantly having to shout over each other like they’re at a concert.

Handling Driving

Sometimes groups that get together would enjoy getting inebriated together. And even if there are several great candidates for designated driver, they might not know the area very well. With a van limo, you can count on a properly licensed, insured driver who knows the area implicitly, and can get you there with safety and simplicity guaranteed. This way, you can focus on just having fun.

Renting a limo van is one of the best ways to travel. Contact us today, and we’ll put you in the perfect van for your needs.