Which of Our SUV Limo Options is Right for You?

SUV Limo

In order to perfectly accommodate your needs, we offer a wide selection of SUV limos for you to choose from. Each one offers unique benefits, so before you make your reservation, we need to know which of our SUV limo options is right for you. Here are the factors that you need to consider in order to figure this out:

Interior Amenities

All of our SUV limos come with the latest technologies. But what if you need something extra? For example, you may be reserving an SUV limo for a celebratory event you are attending, and you want to have a champagne toast with your group. In this case, you should consider our selection of stretch SUV limos, because these vehicles are filled with a set of amenities conducive to a celebratory atmosphere. This includes a full bar for toasts and lighting designed to liven up the atmosphere in the vehicle.

The SUV Limo Brand

We understand that you could have a particular preference for the brand of your SUV limo. That is why we offer a wide range of brands for your limo ride. If, for example, you are only interested in Cadillac brand SUV limos, then our Cadillac Escalade limo would be perfect for your needs.

The Number of People in Your Group

While you and your group may have to discuss among yourselves what amenities and brand you want from your SUV limo, you cannot change the number of people who are going. This significantly impacts the type of SUV limos that will be right for your trip, because despite their large size, they have set capacities for passengers. Our standard sized SUV limos can fit up to six passengers; while this is a lot of space, if your group has eight people one of our stretch SUV limos is a great option for you.

How For You Will Be Traveling

Although it may not seem like an important factor at first, the distance of your trip in the SUV limo that you rent is something that you need to consider before deciding which vehicle is best for your trip. This is because some SUV limos are designed for a lively party atmosphere, while others are designed for a relaxing ride. While the former SUV style is fun, it is built for you to engage and enjoy your group, rather than for individual relaxation. If, for example, you are going on an executive business trip that is pretty far, then you should consider reserving one or more of our standard sized SUV limos.

Storage Capacity Needs For Your Luggage

How many bags are you bringing? How big are your bags? These are important questions to ask, because you want to ensure that there is enough space for all of your luggage in the SUV limo that you choose. The space of each of our SUV limos is optimized in a unique way. For example, some of our stretch SUV limos are designed to transport over a dozen people, but leave little to no room for luggage. On the other hand, we have standard sized SUV limos that can store up to six large suitcases with no problem.

Which SUV Limo is Right for You?

After you have considered the factors above, give us a call so that we can book your SUV limo today.