Why a Mercedes S Class Rental is Ideal for Your Clients

When it comes to the ultimate luxury and appeal in the automobile world, one name comes to mind – Mercedes S Class. The S Class has a number of features that make it stand out and if you’re looking for a corporate car ideal for clients, consider these benefits:

Luxury Limousine
The S Class was first released in 1972 and ever since, it’s been a staple in the world of luxury limousine sedans.

Several features guarantee the unparalleled comfort of people riding inside the car. To start, the S Class has impeccable suspension featuring the Mercedes air-matic suspension with adaptive dampeners. In addition, the newer models come with a system of cameras installed for the purpose of examining road conditions. Based on automatic assessments, adjustments are made to deliver a smooth ride.

Additionally, the S Class is packed with various interior features that contribute to a sophisticated experience. From leather seats to chrome-trim and LED lights, passengers can sit back and enjoy TFT screens, a digital entertainment system, Bluetooth connectively and WLAN hotspot.

Apart from its luxury features, the Mercedes S Class also brags a number of excellent safety characteristics.

The car has taken the 11th place in the 2015 Driver Power survey for consumer satisfaction. The survey takes the opinions of 61,000 people who are asked about the reliability of an automobile. In addition, the S Class undergoes EuroNCAP safety testing and has received five stars.

When you choose to ride in a Mercedes S Class, a number of standard safety features come with it. These include a traffic sign recognition camera (in the newer models), eight airbags, stability control, blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control.

A Standout Experience for Your Clients
A Mercedes S Class rental makes a lot of sense for businesses because of the incredible appeal of the automobile.

This is a car that sets the right tone from the start. Whether you’re expecting clients from out of town or a meeting with potential investors, you want to send a message. Luxury vehicle rentals speak of attention to detail, perfectionism and a commitment to building long-lasting business partnerships.

The Mercedes S Class rental guarantees convenience and comfort. Passengers can do business on board or they can enjoy the entertainment system while being taken to a corporate meeting. The ride will be characterized by unparalleled level of comfort, especially when the service comes with the experience of a reputable chauffeur.

Perfect for Corporate Events
Whether you’re expecting visitors at the office or you’re organizing a corporate gala event, the Mercedes S Class rental will be the perfect pick.

This is an automobile that will never go unnoticed. It speaks of impeccable taste and a recognition of the finer things in life. When doing business and attempting to establish a name for yourself, you’ll definitely want to associate yourself with such perfection.

The S Class is ideal for up to four people who have a limited amount of luggage. High profile executives adore this automobile because of everything it stands for and because of the comfort that it delivers. In addition, the S Class model is the car that the company is known for. It’s been around longer than other models and it’s always been characterized by the same level of perfection.

If you want an outstanding car for a corporate function, you should definitely rent a Mercedes S Class. Everybody deserves a bit of luxury and such a choice will help you stand out in the best possible way.

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