Why Should You Choose a Tesla As Your Limousine For Your Next Event

As the world becomes increasingly populated and there are more cars on the road, this leaves room for pollution. Smog and climate change are becoming a big problem. Many individuals are also becoming more aware that conscious decisions need to be made to improve our environment.


For this very reason, Yorkville Limo has chosen to include the eco-friendly Tesla Model S in black for our clients. This is the perfect car for people who want an environmentally-friendly option that does not lack in luxury or comfort. Here are few more reasons why you should choose a Tesla Model S for your next event.

No Harmful Emissions


Almost all vehicles use fuel. However, the downside to fuel is that it emits particles into the air that contribute to pollution. However, with a Tesla vehicle, this is not the case. This car is electronically operated. Instead of running on fuel, the Tesla relies on a robust lithium battery to function.


So, for individuals concerned about the disparaging impact of vehicles and their harmful emissions they can rest easy with this vehicle. The Tesla S is a fantastic car that individuals will find it gratifying to ride in this vehicle.


Accommodates Four Passengers


Much like other standard vehicles, the Tesla S can accommodate four passengers in addition to the driver. So, for individuals traveling with a small group of people, this is an ideal vehicle.

As for luggage, the Tesla can hold four suitcases. So whether you are traveling on your own or with others, you have sufficient space to pack your belongings.

Stylish and Eco-Friendly


Riding in a Tesla limousine offers supreme sophistication and style. It is a spacious, eco-friendly vehicle that anyone can enjoy. As a new brand, Tesla’s also carry a air of excitement and mystery. They are the hottest new car and when people see you in the Model S, they will associate you with forward-thinking and innovation. Whether you are conscious of the environment or wish to experience the smooth ride of an electric vehicle, Yorkville Limo’s Tesla Car Service is ideal for you.


Choosing to commute to your special event in this vehicle, allows you to ride comfortably knowing that you are doing your part to preserve our environment. Our Tesla limo is an exceptional vehicle, and we encourage everyone to experience it.

Yorkville Limo Offers Tesla Car Service


Yorkville Limo is committed to delivering remarkable service to our clients. We understand that many individuals are highly concerned with the environment, and seek every opportunity to make a difference. The Tesla Model S checks all these boxes without compromising on luxury or style.


At Yorkville Limo, we understand this, and we have made it our duty to honour the needs of clients. We are also aware that making changes to our services is pivotal. By making a deliberate decision, such as by offering this eco-friendly car, we are also doing our part to help the environment.


If you would like to experience a Tesla limousine, do not hesitate to contact our company. We can be reached by telephone at 416-835-5466. Or, you can complete our online form for more details.