Why the Lincoln Limousine is still a Classic Favorite


Since 1980, Lincoln limousines have been cruising North American streets as the most recognizable luxury automobile out there. When you think limos – visions of dark-tinted windows, sleek-black, stretched exteriors and the feel of rich leather seats automatically pops in mind.

For generations, the Lincoln Limousine has been a go-to celebratory indulgence and top choice for corporate business transportation. So, what makes the Lincoln a constant classic favorite? Check out these three awesome features of the Lincoln stretch limo:


When it comes to precision, Ford’s QVM (Quality Vehicle Modifiers) for limos is a well-recognized, top of the line program. Its prestigious criteria represents a collaborative effort between Ford and approved QVM builders to constantly improve accuracy and performance based on Ford’s limousine framework.

Luxury Legacy

Sliding inside a Lincoln limo often feels like wrapping yourself up in the lap of luxury. Refining the experience of riding in style is what Lincoln truly excels at. Specially designed and engineered through CMC (Cadillac Master Coachbuilder) program, Lincolns are continuously rolling out new and improved features like:

  • Two-way communication
  • Fibre optic lighting
  • Remote start ignition
  • Plush bar
  • Mirrored ceiling
  • Moon Roof
  • Privacy divider
  • Pod connection

Structure and Safety

Not only should enjoyable limo rides include all electronic and entertainment perks, but structure and safety ultimately matters a lot to ensure a carefree time. In-line and ahead of the curve with industry standards, the Lincoln offers:

  • Reinforced body structure
  • Heavy-duty steering system
  • Extended wiring harness
  • Heavy duty cooling system
  • Heavy duty Brake system
  • Enhanced rear and front vehicle suspension

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive way to celebrate a birthday, ride to your wedding day or tour around a new city with your business colleagues – renting the classic Lincoln limousine means you get to enjoy all the elegant services and stylish features of a truly high-end vehicle.

Lincoln town cars sit up to four guests and can hold up to three large suitcases at the same time. A roomy ideal yet classic limo model with top-of-the-line safety features, contact us at Yorkville Limousine for more information, or booking!