Why The Lincoln Stretch Limo Reigns Supreme in the Limousine Industry

Lincoln Stretch Limo

When you think of a stretch limo, legendary auto manufacturers like Mercedes, Cadillac and Porsche are never your first consideration. Instead, an image of the Lincoln stretch limo is conjured in your mind. Everyone knows the look and feel of a Lincoln stretch limo and that is why everyone seeks out this style above all others. Of the 34,000 stretch limos out there, a large percentage of them bear the name Lincoln, even as an increasing number of auto manufacturers attempt to compete in this field. Lincoln stretches are so popular, in fact, two Lincoln limo models ruled the limousine industry in sales in 2014. But why does the Lincoln stretch reign supreme in the limousine industry? Let’s take a look:

Lincoln Allows Limousine Companies to Fully Customize Their Limos

What everyone needs out of their stretch limo is different. When you see a Lincoln stretch limo, chances are that it has some unique features that its original owner requested. Because of this, the best limo companies have the ability to fill their Lincoln stretch limos with full-sized bars, custom seating, recessed ceiling lighting and other features that limousines customers need. This knowledge that a Lincoln stretch will have a unique array of every feature that you could need makes this an even more attractive option for people looking for a stylish ride.

The Lincoln Stretch Limo Look is Legendary

Although other auto manufacturers have done a great job of creating stretch limos with outstanding designs, none of them can fully emulate the classic style that is the Lincoln stretch limo. Even as the vehicle’s design has evolved to become more modern, the Ford/Lincoln Motor Company has managed to embody the same spirit in each new generation’s design. This iconic look turns heads and gives passengers the executive feeling that they need to steal the show at any event.

Lincoln Stretch Limos Aren’t Over the Top

In business, image is everything. You want yourself and your entire team to look like executive leaders in your industry, however you don’t want to come across as ostentatious or condescending. This can send a message to potential business partners and clients that you could be difficult to work with. Creating a standout executive image without looking like an over the top showoff can be a difficult goal to achieve. While they are absolutely beautiful vehicles, Lincoln stretch limos aren’t overly aggressive in design; this allows you to exude that executive image without going overboard.

The Ford/Lincoln Motor Company is the Leader in Limousine Safety Standards

Alongside Cadillac, Lincoln has defined what limousine safety should be. They define these standards by always greatly exceeding whatever stretch limo safety requirements are set forth by government regulations. That is why anyone who wants to have the safest ride possible including United States presidents have relied on Lincoln to get them around town for years.

The National Limousine Association Stands Behind the Lincoln Stretch Limo

As one of the leaders in limousine industry safety, style and general protocols, the NLA is backed by the top limousine manufacturers. However, only one limousine manufacturer’s logo is featured on every page on the NLA website. That manufacturer is the Ford/Lincoln Motor Company. The fact that limousine industry luminaries stand so firmly behind Lincoln reinforces the above facts in the minds of limousine companies.

When You Get A Limo Ride, You Can’t Go Wrong With a Lincoln Stretch

The Lincoln stretch limo is perfectly suited for proms, weddings, parties, corporate meetings and any other event where you need to ride in style. To reserve yours, contact us at Yorkville Limo Toronto today!