Why Van Limo Rental is so Popular


When it comes to limousine rental services, most people think luxury and prestige. While this is true, there are also many other positive characteristics that don’t get brought up often. Convenience is a big one. A van limo rental ranks as an ultimate choice for this as it brings together the best of both worlds – stylish and indulgent while also extremely practical.

Here are the top reasons why so many people book van limo rental services:

A van like the Mercedes Sprinter is perfect for a longer trip. It can accommodate up to 10 people and up to 10 pieces of luggage while still having enough comfortable space for everyone. Whether team building or vacation, this deluxe van is ideal for coworkers or families who want to have fun on the road.

 Amazing Interior
A van limo rental is also popular because of the level of comfort and ambiance the vehicle guarantees. When imagining a van, most people think of a mom and dad type of car. However, a van limo has nothing to do with this stereotype. Quite the opposite, a van limo typically has leather-covered seating, built-in bar and a state-of-the-art audio system. All these are thoughtfully incorporated to ensure a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

More Cost-Efficient Than Renting Multiple Vehicles
When you have to transport a larger group of people from point A to point B, you’ll typically have to hire multiple automobiles for the purpose. Getting several limousines is going to be more expensive than a van limo rental.

A single van is great because the entire group can travel together and because the choice will be much more cost-efficient than multiple rentals. Many companies that have regularly travelling employees will rely on van limousines.

Added Perks
There are a few other small perks that make limousine vans such an attractive pick. To start, a limo van like the Sprinter comes with large windows, which makes observing the road from an elevated position ideal for taking in scenery.

In addition, a limo van has a streamlined appearance that’s ideal for corporate occasions. In some instances, a stretch limo may be too extravagant for a particular event. However, a limo van has an understated sleek appearance that makes it ideal for galas, seminars and other types of formal corporate events.

Because the van is big and tall, people can get inside without having to bend. An adult can also comfortably stand up inside. Thus, a van is ideal for individuals who might be dealing with mobility issues and require some assistance when getting inside the vehicle.

Practical appeal, space and luxury – a van limo rental brings all three of those together. This is the main reason why such a van is an ideal pick for just about every occasion. To book your ideal ride today, contact Yorkville Limousine.